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Photo contributed by Barb DeLauter, edited by Jake Lee

A victory sweeter than candy: Harper Joy Theatre hosts costume contest

Alexa Grechishkin, Campus Life Reporter November 3, 2022

The spooky ambiance of fall permeated all corners of campus as students prepared for the fabled "Halloweekend." Whether they indulged in a scary movie, went to a party or enjoyed some fall treats,...

Illustration by Amelia Ebling.

Too old for trick-or-treating?

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter November 3, 2022

For many children in the United States, there are several passageways into adulthood: at 21 you can legally buy and drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes, at 18 you can buy a gun or a lottery...

Photo by Sofia Del Fiol.

Whitman’s Video Games Club strategizes a perfect night of Halloween festivities

Tenzin Uden, Campus Life Reporter November 3, 2022

Whitties continued their spooky week of Halloween festivities with a video game night hosted by the Whitman Video Games Club (WVGC). The event was held in Reid on Oct. 28, and it was the first official...

Illustration by Eleanor Amer.

Guide to the BEST underground couples costume

Grace Canny, So recherché you had to look at what it even means October 27, 2022

It’s that time of the year when you should double-check your car registration … just kidding, it’s Halloween! You may be asking yourself: "What can I dress up as that perfectly displays my humor,...

Horrifying reversal: A pumpkin is trying to carve me

Conor Bartol, What terrible fruit hath grown from the seed of evil October 27, 2022

I consider myself a maestro with the kitchen knife, the seed scoopers, the gut grippers and the pumpkin peelers. I picture myself as a connoisseur of Cucurbitaceae, a sculptor cutting away at a gourd until...

Auntie Lee’s cures for Frat Flu

Lee Thomas, Gogo's nemesis October 28, 2021

Well Auntie Lee, I've got it. No amount of Emergen-C has been able to fix it. I've been out of commission since the weekend and really need to get back to the grind. How can I cure my Frat Flu? Ah-choo, Saturday...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

The Epic of Myles

Carmel Stephan, Famed poet October 28, 2021

On All Hallow’s Eve at the banks of Bennington Lake, stands a lanky Coloradan and his friends. Lithe of limb but calloused and toned by beginner climbing classes, clad in chacos and a Patagonia...

Photo contributed by Kaleo Toguchi-Tani.

WEB gets spooky in first virtual Halloween contest

Mo Dow , A&E Reporter November 5, 2020

The day before Halloween this year, WEB hosted its very first Virtual Halloween Contest in an effort to maintain the holiday spirit while following pandemic guidelines. Featuring a panel of judges and...

Illustration by Kiara Paninos.

Halloween in Walla Walla: Socially-distant and indoor trick-or-treating

Abby Main, Staff Reporter November 5, 2020

In past years, the evening of Oct. 31 found kids in Walla Walla trick-or-treating in the streets surrounding Whitman. On campus, professors, families and students mingled in halls outside decorated dorms....

Illustration by Anika Vucicevic

Child who received weed Halloween candy realizes he’s more of an indica kid

AQ, Stinky Doctor Woman November 7, 2019

On Thursday of last week, the day of dress-up and ghoulish delights, every clickbait-vulnerable parent’s worst nightmare came true. An 11-year-old, Little Johnny, received some assorted edibles in exchange...

Illustration by Elena Kaminskaia

Skeleton has no BODY to go to the dance with

Maude Lustig, Three Stomachs November 1, 2019

Awww, how sad :( This skeleton has no BODY to go to the dance with (get it?). One month ago the skeleton made a very public prom-posal to Jennifer Beef, the most popular girl in the senior class. They...

Juniors Sara Dong and Shubhra Tewari pose at the events photobooth (left).

Fall Festival: Celebrating the season

Sienna Axe , A&E Reporter November 1, 2019

This past weekend, students and parents alike gathered on the Stanton lawn for caramel apples, a photo booth and no less than 120 pumpkins to carve for the second annual Fall Festival, hosted by the Whitman...

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