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Illustration by Eleanor Amer.

Love It or Lose It: Long-Distance in College

Anna Shimkus, Feature Writer September 22, 2022

Prepare to bump "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" by Soulja Boy, ‘cause we’re talking about long-distance relationships. According to a study conducted by the American Counseling Association, approximately...

Illustration by Amelia Ebling.

Gear up to tear up

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature Editor September 15, 2022

"Best spots on campus to cry?" an anonymous student asked on Yik Yak at the beginning of the semester. (Answers vary depending on who you ask: some people swear by music building practice rooms; others...

What It’s Like to Transition at Whitman

Sammy Fitts, Humor Writer May 12, 2022

When I wake up each morning, I look at the mirror that sits directly across the room from my bed. I look past the bedhead and ask myself how I feel, looking at my own face. I’m not the prettiest in the...

Illustration by Madeleine Stolp.

Inside Yik Yak micro-influencers: “How do I turn this Yakarma into cold hard cash?”

Grace Jackson, News Editor and Yik-Yak Micro-Influencer May 12, 2022

12,048. That is my current Yakarma. You start with 100, so that means the 11,948 are individual comments and upvotes on my posts. For Whitman, mine is pretty high, as far as I can tell. Posts at large...

Contributed Photo by Sylvia Adome.

Traveling and teaching abroad: Whitman seniors receive Fulbright, English Teaching grants and Watson Fellowship

Renny Acheson, Publisher May 12, 2022

As the class of 2022 prepares for life after graduation, three students were awarded opportunities to live and travel in countries outside of the U.S. for the next year.  Senior Lindsey Merritt won...

Illustration by Paloma Link.

“Trust in the process”: Student-athletes push for DEIA training

Tucker Grinnan, Feature Reporter May 5, 2022

Reid Ballroom was packed with varsity student-athletes from every sport. All of their eyes trained on junior tennis player Angel Le, standing behind the podium at the front of the room.  Le was...

Photo by Jake Lee.

Into the box

Emma Foley, Managing Editor April 28, 2022

Justin Ferland didn’t expect people to care so much.  Yet on Friday night, he found himself in front of an electric crowd—at least a hundred strong—huddled by the library for what junior...

Illustration by Madeleine Stolp.

Subverting sexpectations

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature Editor April 21, 2022

Note: All of the names used in this article are pseudonyms. “You’d like to stay anonymous, right?” I’m perched on the edge of Rachel Sommer’s desk, tucked into the inner room of a divided...

Illustration by Anna Stone.

Learning differently at Whitman

Amelia Leach, Feature reporter April 14, 2022

Never being able to sit still or stop talking are two of my most prominent personality traits. The question, “Did you take your meds today, Amelia?” was thrown around in my home and here at Whitman...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

Let ’em fly: Helicopter parents and college students

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature editor April 7, 2022

My first semester of college, a friend of mine woke up at 7:30 a.m. each morning to Carole King’s “Where You Lead” (the Gilmore Girls theme song). It was her roommate’s mother calling, making...

Illustration by Anna Stone.

Title IX: Survivors deserve better

Tucker Grinnan, Feature writer April 1, 2022

The Title IX framework does not suit the needs of all survivors. There need to be more ways to access sexual violence support at Whitman that don’t involve Title IX.  This might sound surprising,...

Photo by Jake Lee.

A look into Lyman

Amelia Leach, Feature reporter March 10, 2022

The little red wagon that greets you upon entering Lyman was purchased with wholesome and practical intent: it’s a sustainable, convenient grocery-carrying method. First-year Laura Merick, owner...

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