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The healing nature of digital minimalism

Illustration by Anika Vučićević.

Victoria Helmer, Columnist

September 17, 2020

With so much going on, we can easily feel as if we are trapped in a bottomless pit of apocalyptic news, and this sentiment rings especially true if we compulsively check our devices. Since many facets of our lives have moved online, we are now extra susceptible to spending more time than we’d like to o...

Democratic candidates should act like your cool government teacher

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist

September 17, 2020

Election night 2016, I found myself confused and bewildered while my dog slept soundly beside me (oblivious to what was going on... Oh to be a dog!), hoping for the delegate numbers to magically change. Like many, I thought “what the fuck is happening”. In the days following the election of Donal...

The underlying sexism of “electability” politics

Ava Liponis, Columnist

September 17, 2020

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary began with a gender diverse field of candidates only four years after the first female presidential candidate was nominated by the Democratic Party. I mean, it’s no secret that women in politics get the short end of the stick — Politico published a piece...

We need mental health resources in K-12 schools now

Illustration by Kiara Paninos.

Sile Surman, Columnist

September 17, 2020

As one of many college students taking online classes, readjusting didn’t come easily to me. With that said, I truly can’t imagine what grade school-aged kids are going through right now. I am genuinely worried about their mental health, especially with the current pandemic conditions. With possi...

Standards of professionalism are changing, and that’s a good thing

Standards of professionalism are changing, and that's a good thing

Ava Liponis, Columnist

September 10, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, professional life has far exceeded its pre-pandemic boundaries, and it is becoming increasingly impossible to separate the two spheres of personal and professional. Working from home makes it difficult to separate what was once two binary sides of life, and that...

We can’t get back to “normal”

Sile Surman, Columnist

September 10, 2020

If you haven’t parsed through Trump’s 2020 campaign platform yet, first of all, smart thinking. It’s a waste of time. The "goals" are so vague and unattainable that I question the judgment of its author. (I seriously question the judgment of the entire administration, too, but that’s beside the po...

Discipline is a form of self care

Victoria Helmer, Columnist

September 10, 2020

Bojack Horseman, the protagonist of the eponymous TV series, is a miserable horse. Despite his species, running feels entirely unnatural to him, and one of his most intense moments of anguish on the show stems from him trying to jog. After wheezing his way up a hill, he collapses to the ground. Moments later, a wise baboon comes up...

OP-ED: Results May Vary

Hannah Paul and Aliyah Fard, President and Vice President of Whitman's Black Student Union

July 26, 2020

This piece was originally published to Issuu by Hannah Paul and Aliyah Fard on July 20, 2020. Whitman College pledges to provide a “liberal arts education to… students from diverse backgrounds… that prioritizes student learning within and beyond our classrooms” *Results May Vary Black, Indigeneous, People Of Colo...

Addressing a culture of white supremacy: a letter to my fellow white people

Mat Chapin, Columnist

June 17, 2020

I will never understand the struggles that Black people go through on a daily basis, and it is not my place to represent those struggles. However, it is my responsibility, as it is the responsibility of every White person, to address the giant killer elephant in the room. We must confront the twisted, c...

Taking steps toward allyship

Dana Walden, Opinion Editor

June 6, 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we have seen protests in every state and a mass media campaign against police brutality. Now, more than ever before, non-Black communities need to show up for Black people; if real change is to happen, everyone needs to do their part. But what does it mean to ...

Editorial: In support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Alasdair Padman, Emma Fletcher-Frazer, and Ella Meyers

June 3, 2020

Content Warning: This editorial includes discussion of racially-motivated violence and police brutality. The same applies to many of the links. In the past week, cities have erupted in protest in response to the murder of George Floyd. While his murder, and that of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor,...

STEM and the liberal arts

Gavin Victor, Columnist

May 13, 2020

In “This Is Water,” David Foster Wallace writes, “there are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning, boys, how's the water?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them...

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