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Letter from the Editor: Open letter to ASWC

Allison Cohen, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2021

The Whitman Wire is critical to delivering campus news, employing over 50 student reporters, photographers, illustrators, production associates and editors. However, ASWC is currently planning on holding...

‘My body my choice’ does not apply to COVID-19

Angel Baikakedi, Columnist October 7, 2021

“My body, my choice.” We’ve repeatedly come across this phrase, particularly in social media movements and in the conversation around abortion rights. However, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Illustration by Ally Kim.

Imposter syndrome at Whitman

Hailey Livingston , Columnist October 7, 2021

Whitties, I think we’re all trying a little too hard. I don’t mean that we all need to stop thinking of our futures and aiming to succeed, but that we tend to try to prove our smarts to our peers...

Recontextualizing images of violence

Nana Kumagai, Columnist October 7, 2021

On Monday, Sept. 20, the White House criticized border patrol after images of police chasing Haitian immigrants circulated online. For the past several weeks, all the way until the end of September, thousands...

Vaccine equity: Whose responsibility?

Angel Baikakedi, Columnist September 30, 2021

As the question of a booster shot continues to gain momentum in the US and the UK, there have been concerns on whether it is wise to give third shots to people when other populations globally have not...

Dear white LGBTQIA+ community

Alanna Sherman , Columnist September 30, 2021

All human beings with marginalized identities are worthy of love and compassion, but is important to acknowledge that we can be at once marginalized, and still hold identities that grant us powers of the...

Illustration by Ally Kim.

Drones: Weapons of normalized mass destruction

Scout Hutchinson, Opinion Editor September 30, 2021

On Aug. 29, 2021 the United States carried out what they have claimed to be their last missile strike in its 20-year war in Afghanistan. Initially, the drone attack was considered a “righteous strike”...

Let’s talk about Whitman’s treatment of sexual assault

Hailey Livingston , Columnist September 23, 2021

Unless you’re brand new or really out of the loop, you are probably aware that Whitman has gotten rid of Green Dot. As a quick refresh, Green Dot is a bystander training program that aims to educate...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

Recirculating the conversation: Whitman’s failure to address anti-racism demands

Alanna Sherman , Columnist September 23, 2021

On July 26, 2020, the The Wire published “Results May Vary,” an op-ed listing the demands of Black, Indigenous, people of color and allies attending and working at Whitman College. “Results May Vary”...

The absurdity of active shooter drills becoming part of young students’ lives

Nana Kumagai, Columnist September 23, 2021

Recently I caught the news of an ongoing lawsuit between a gunmaker company and the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting, suddenly bringing back the memories of lockdown drills in elementary school that...

Bad news sells

Scout Hutchinson , Opinion Editor September 16, 2021

In the past four years, Donald Trump has shifted the way in which people, especially people on the right, view the media. For better or worse (definitely worse), fake news has dominated the conversation...

Illustration by Ally Kim.

Infographics desensitize us from the issues at hand

Hailey Livingston , Columnist September 16, 2021

It is time to stop with the Instagram infographics. Everyone has seen them; the super-cute designs, maybe a frosted cake, with a gut-wrenching line about people dying, mass incarceration, abortion—any...

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