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Silence your cellphones and live life

Noelle Texidor, Opinion Columnist April 27, 2023

Remember the last time you stayed up late scrolling through your phone? You may have been on one of many social media sites, staring at pictures of people with seemingly perfect lives. Perhaps as you continued...

Illustration by Hayden Garner.

To embrace or eradicate? Whitman’s hacky sack epidemic

Maura Kelly, Opinion Columnist April 27, 2023

Hacky sack circles are so hippie-dippy-liberal-artsy-granola-college it’s disgusting, and I’m a massive fan. I was vehemently opposed at first. You would not catch me making a fool of myself doing...

Dance Moms: District 14

Dance Moms: District 14

Gillian Mackay-Brown, Managing Editor April 27, 2023

While in COVID-19 isolation, I spent my time binging the entirety of "Dance Moms" from start to finish, but before "Dance Moms," I was fully absorbed in the "Hunger Games" resurgence that had been taking...

On friendship

Jordan Brant, Senior April 20, 2023

Writer’s note: This article was inspired by the important lessons and ideas that I gained from my former philosophy major advisor, Professor Tom Davis. He helped me grow as a person through his teaching. Why...

Invest in people, not pavement

Noelle Texidor, Opinion Columnist April 20, 2023

In 2020, the U.S. government spent $204 billion on roads and highways; compared to other state and local expenditures, highways and roads were the government’s fifth-largest expenditure. In the same...

Illustration by Kai Bowen.

Why does campus culture stink?

Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Editor April 20, 2023

The wet-blanket-ification of Whitman College has resulted in a campus culture of finger-wagging and desolate energy. Multiple times throughout this semester, I’ve asked my classmates, “Is it just...

Learning a second language should be a requisite for all

Maura Kelly, Opinion Columnist April 13, 2023

Language is one of those things where, if I ruminate on it too long, I get amazingly overwhelmed and it starts to seem unbelievable. The number of languages in the world is incredible, and the countless...

From the Archives: Schools shape sexual culture

Spencer Wharton, Opinion Writer April 13, 2023

This article originally appeared in the May 2, 2013 issue of The Whitman Wire. Dear Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association: Earlier this year, the Chicago...

Illustration by Payton Davies.

Is a civil war likely? It’s already started

Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Editor April 13, 2023

In Nashville, Tennessee, two Black Democratic legislators were ousted from their seats in the State Legislature by Republican leadership. In Massachusetts, Governor Maura Healey vowed to keep the abortion...

The real problem with cancel culture

Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Editor April 6, 2023

Cancel culture is not a popular actor losing employment opportunities due to misconduct; rather, it is Colorado Springs Pulse Nightclub and Matthew Shepard. This is the logic of cancellation – out of...

Why mispronouncing names is a bigger deal than you think it is

Maura Kelly, Opinion Columnist April 6, 2023

This article is dedicated to everyone who has never found their name on a keychain souvenir.  I love my name; it’s mine, which makes it special. Unfortunately, it’s one of those names that people...

Illustration by M Hu.

Why we need etiquette

Chloe Hansen, Opinion Columnist April 6, 2023

Etiquette as it is understood today has fallen into irrelevance at the cost of personal social freedom, mutual respect and the ability to be socially mobile. What happened? I understand etiquette within...

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