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The Whitman Wire is hiring!

Join the biggest student organization on campus! You’ll build your resume, meet great people and learn a ton about what it takes to produce an exciting and award-winning product of student journalism. If you’re excited about writing, illustration, photography, editing, podcast or design, we’re willing to bet that you’d enjoy being on the Wire team.

We are currently hiring for spring 2023 for the staff positions listed below — click the title of the job that interests you for a link to the application and instructions for submission. Please contact Zac Bentz (Publisher) and Abby Malzewski (Editor-in-Chief) at [email protected] with any questions.

Staff positions are paid per hour. You are welcome to apply for multiple positions.

Staff Positions

Ad Manager: responsible for coordinating efforts to reach out to local businesses and campus advertisers.

Staff Writer/Columnist: writes for a section of the paper: News, Campus Life (A&E and Sports), Feature, Opinion, or Humor.

Copy Editor: ensures correct usage of Associated Press (AP) style and makes corrections for the sake of grammar and clarity.

Illustrator: creates illustrations for a minimum of 1 article per week.

Photographer: provides companion photographs for articles, completes 2-3 assignments per week.

Social Media Associate: creates social media posts every week to engage our readers online.

Podcast Reporter: works to generate and record content for our podcast.

Production Associate: responsible for the layout and design of 2 pages of the newspaper for every print issue.

Distributor: distributes print copies of the paper to newsstands across campus (and a few located downtown).

We are currently hiring staff positions for the spring 2023 semester! Please email completed staff applications by Wednesday, January 18, 2022 to [email protected]