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Theatrical clubs return to campus
Isabella Hunter, Campus Life Reporter • September 23, 2021

In fall of 2019, Varsity Nordic had nine members, consistently attracted major crowds and—according to Matthew Triplett, a senior and member for the past three years—“were...

New students navigate on-campus job hunt
Mo Dow, Campus Life Reporter • September 23, 2021

The academic year has started picking up steam already, and many first-year students are struggling to strike a balance between their class work and their on-campus jobs....

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The OP kid archetype
Leaving Afghanistan for Whitman

Leaving Afghanistan for Whitman

September 16, 2021

Sophomores take on a Walla Walla summer

Sophomores take on a Walla Walla summer

May 6, 2021

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Let's talk about Whitman's treatment of sexual assault
Hailey Livingston , Columnist • September 23, 2021

Unless you’re brand new or really out of the loop, you are probably aware that Whitman has gotten rid of Green Dot. As a quick refresh, Green Dot is a bystander training program that aims to educate...

The absurdity of active shooter drills becoming part of young students’ lives
Nana Kumagai, Columnist • September 23, 2021

Recently I caught the news of an ongoing lawsuit between a gunmaker company and the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting, suddenly bringing back the memories of lockdown drills in elementary school that...

Bad news sells
Scout Hutchinson , Opinion Editor • September 16, 2021

In the past four years, Donald Trump has shifted the way in which people, especially people on the right, view the media. For better or worse (definitely worse), fake news has dominated the conversation...

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Pumpkin pandemonium: 5 new pumpkin items you just have to try!
Ben Kearney, Your friendly neighborhood pumpkin analyzer • September 23, 2021

Hey all you fall lovers out there! That’s right, it’s pumpkin season baby! Whether you take your pumpkin basic, or like to spice it...

Horses demand their dewormer from anti-vaxxers
Conor Bartol, Ass-half of the two-person horse costume • September 23, 2021

Misinformation, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience: the effort to vaccinate Americans against COVID-19 has faced a lot of hurdles, least of which...

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