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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Debate & Forensics Team Hosts National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence
Holly VanVoorhis, Campus Life Reporter • April 25, 2024

As the last weeks of April fade into final courses, exams and projects, Whitman’s Debate and Forensics team prepares for the first tournament held at Whitman in a number...

Photo by Eddie Buchko
Celebrating Taste of Africa
Sebastian Vera Cuevas, News Reporter • April 25, 2024

If you happened to wander into Reid Campus Center last Sunday evening, you may have been greeted with a flurry of divine aromas, endless flags and amazing music coming...

Illustration by Mikayla Kelly
Behold! Olympic Women's New Uniform: The Dishrag
Aya Mahmoudi, Opinion Columnist • April 25, 2024

Nike’s new uniforms for women’s Olympic Track and Field are a disgrace. For anyone wondering what it looks like, it’s basically a women’s one-piece swimsuit cut disturbingly high at the bikini...

Illustration by Kai Bowen
Hyperpop vs. the Hipster
Lily Yost, Opinion Columnist • April 25, 2024

News flash for all Swifties and fans of the 1975: your taste is unoriginal. Your musical palate is bland, and you're just like every other young adult. But be careful — if you enjoy music that’s...

The Caitlin Clark Effect
Garrett Schreiber, Opinion Columnist • April 25, 2024

Caitlin Clark has been one of the most entertaining sports players to watch over the last two seasons. She fought hard two years in a row to bring herself and her Iowa teammates to the NCAA national championship...

Photo by Cooper Andersen
Illustration by Edyn Parsell
Should I Hollaback, Girl?
Ansley Peard, Feature Writer • April 25, 2024

“Hey baby girl, let me see that ass.” I started, nearly letting the stack of books I had been carrying slip from my grasp. A man leaned...

Illustration by Edyn Parsell
What Will I Do With My Art Degree? Tracing the Intersections of Environmental Activism and the Arts
Anna Wellborn, Science & Environment Writer • April 25, 2024

As we near the end of the semester, the dear seniors in true liberal arts fashion are left to wonder, “What am I going to do with my bachelor...

Illustration by Helios Santoro
Whitman’s Love Language: Situationships & Commitment Issues
Meghan Kearney, never been in a relationship at Whitman • April 25, 2024

Commitment issues are spreading through Whitman like an STD, with one situationship after another infecting the campus. It can start from...

Where Your ASWC Fees Go: Explained
Arham Khan, not a narc • April 25, 2024

Glance at your semester bill - past the gym fees you never use because climbing the Hall of Science stairs counts as cardio - and you’ll find...

How to Flawlessly Justify Your Crush With Just One my.whitman Photo
Grace Canny, currently going around the block • April 25, 2024

You have a crush. Yay! But none of your friends know them. Boo. You really wish you had twin telepathy or some sort of biotechnology that can...

Illustration by Tali Hastings
YikYak attacked by pack of yaks
George Groebner, yak of all trades • April 25, 2024

You may have recently noticed a trend in the styling choices of Whitman students toward tousled bangs, thick wool coats and pointed horns...

BREAKING: Students and faculty protest outside Board of Trustees’ dinner, demand divestment
Nazaaha Penick, News Editor • May 3, 2024

In response to the Board of Trustees’ recent visit to Whitman’s campus, Whitman Students Justice for Palestine (WSJP) and Whitman’s Student Action Coalition (SAC) organized...

Students Walk Out in Support of Palestine
Kasey Moulton, Editor-in-Chief • April 25, 2024

In the wake of explosive student protests at New York City’s Columbia University and ongoing violence in Gaza, students across Washington State participated in walkouts...

Photo by Sailor Harris
"Tax Day to Earth Day" Encourages Financial Reprioritization
Baran Abbasi, News Reporter • April 25, 2024

Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition (WANW), a group consisting of environmentalist, peace organizations and educators committed to encouraging sustainability...

Michael Baumgartner’s WA-05 Campaign
Sebastian Squire, News Editor • April 25, 2024

Michael Baumgartner, a former Republican state senator and the current treasurer of Spokane County, is running to replace Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the House of Representatives...

Accreditors Visit Whitman Campus
Oliver Kaufman, News Reporter • April 25, 2024

From April 15 through 17, representatives from Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), an accreditor for institutions of higher education, visited Whitman’s...

Wildfire Ready Neighbors Launches in Walla Walla
Sybella Ssewakiryanga, News Reporter • April 25, 2024

As temperatures across the globe continue to rise, there has been an unprecedented increase in wildfires. These warmer temperatures can lead to hot, dry conditions, making...