Pio Picks

Hannah Bartman

A Cool Lecture You Want to Attend But Probably Can’t Because You Have Too Much Homework:

Yeah, you should go.

Probably Thursday at 7 p.m., academic building

Rager at Frat

Come drink beer and dance in a sweaty and dimly lit room! Songs with lots of bass provided.

Weekend, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.(ish), probably TKE basement

Another Program at IHC

There will most likely be some sort of art project and definitely cookies.

Afternoonish, one of those houses with a sign that you’ve never been to by Lakum Dukum

Whitties throw frisbees on Ankeny

If the sun is out, there is a 112 percent chance that at least half of the Whitman student population will be throwing frisbees outside. Shirts optional.

Sunnytime, Ankeny Field

Science Major Goes into the Art Building

This is a once-in-a-lifetime creative experience. Not to be missed.

Friday, May 16, 12:32-12:33 p.m., Art Building