JK Prowling announces “History of Magic in the Middle East”

Hairy Plotter fans were stirred into a mad frenzy this week when JK Prowling, author of the popular fiction series, unexpectedly released a series of short articles describing the history of wizards in the Middle East. The Revisionist was blessed to receive a short excerpt to run as a preview in this week’s paper.
Magical communities in what is today called the Middle East have existed for thousands of years. Unlike other regions, there is a long history of wizards in this region showing magic tricks to creative moggles who, in turn, made the wizards fantastically famous through a series of best-selling books.
Among the best-loved of these stories is that of Jesus Christ, a wizard talented in healing enchantments, who created useful spells such as waroumphing grinkus to walk on water and divipan horrendiclus to multiply bread and fish.
Jesus is especially well loved for inventing the transfiguration spell to turn water into wine, which is still a favorite among young witches and wizards around the world today. Later in his life, Jesus took on twelve acolytes who spread his magical innovations around the northern Mediterranean, resulting in wine being a staple in cuisines in the region.
Prowling promises to bestow magical histories upon many more cultures in the coming months. People everywhere wait in anticipation for her to add that magic spark to their own traditions.