Production Night Live Blog for March 12

Pamela London

What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 7 (taking place the evening of March 12/early morning of March 13) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Editor-in-Chief.

4:25 p.m.: We’re in for issue 7! I (Managing Editor Pam) am getting us off and running.

4:26 p.m.: Feature PA Jess announces that she is not feeling hungry.
5:01 p.m.: Shelly discusses the hygiene habits of first-years.
5:05 p.m.: Shelly reveals she crashed our website/online system the last time she posted to social media.
5:09 p.m.: Upon looking at her staff profile on the website, Jess realizes that she wrote about how she spends her time telling people how she doesn’t only dress in flannels and Birkenstocks just because she’s from Portland, yet in her staff photo she is wearing a flannel. #awkward
5:11 p.m.: Also Feature Editor Emily brought a family-size box of double-stuffed Oreos as snacks. I am very happy about this fact.
5:23 p.m.: Sports PA Marianne has a minor freak-out that all of her elements won’t fit on her page. But wait! One of the articles is jumping from front! Problem solved.
5:38 p.m.: First snack to disappear? The bag of carrot sticks – Pio editors and layout like our veggies!
5:51 p.m.: News co-editor Sarah and I decide that the abundance of sunshine pouring into the windows of the newsroom makes it seem like it’s not almost 6pm.
5:57 p.m.: Backpage Editor Molly enters with a grand wave.
6:13 p.m.: Opinion PA Abby walks in and immediately tells Opinion Editor Kyle that his beard is getting ridiculous.
6:15 p.m.: Shelly doesn’t remember eating her Reese’s Pieces that she ate like a half hour ago.
6:36 p.m.: Kyle wants to engage Production Manager Sean in a mustache contest.
6:41 p.m.: Sean, Kyle and News co-editor Dylan debate their respective heights.
6:55 p.m.: Illustration Editor Luke saunters in. “Is there a Live Blog?” Yes! Apparently he’s also about to leave for lab.
7:55 p.m.: Sports Editor Quin comes and goes, and the weekly copy editing lull ensues…
8:00 p.m.: #ShellySleeps #thesisdueFriday #napsarenecessary
8:51 p.m.: Shelly reveals that sometimes she has the urge to throw coffee on her laptop. She then reassures Dylan that she never has the urge to punch him in the face. Good to know.
9:55 p.m.: Dylan plays video games to pass the time. Wait, news editors could have left already!
11:54 p.m.: Putting a bow(tie) on things and wrapping it up (don’t worry, you’ll all get that tomorrow).