Live Blog: Spring Issue 12

Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

Happy National Get Organized Day!

  • Quick PSA– duck awareness! One of our readers, Bob Nistler, has requested that we be careful of the ducks that travel around campus. Please watch out for our friends!
  • Opinion Editor Peggy LOVES salty foods.
  • We have three special guests observing our Production Night.
    • They are from the cultural anthropology class.
  • “I want this production night to last forever.” -Publisher Marra
  • Editors are discussing how long they’ve gone without showering.
    • “16 days.” -Publisher Marra
    • “Let’s just say I’ve gone longer than Marra.” -Opinion Editor Peggy
  • Anthony stole control at 5:49 PM.
  • “All Sports headlines should just be student athlete memes.” -Production Manager Kerr

See you next week,