Live Blog: Spring Issue 5

Look at the bag of bread! Its real!

Look at the bag of bread! It’s real!

Marra Clay, Publisher

Publisher Marra Clay taking over tonight’s Live Blog! Hold on to your horses, it’s going to be a doozy.

4:22 – Opinion Editor Peggy Li has brought the most amazing (read: questionable) production snack yet: a literal bag of bread. Slices of bread. Some toasted. Some with garlic. Reviews to come.

4:53 – We are so excited to plan for the Power & Privilege Symposium tomorrow! Make sure to head to Olin 138 from 4-5 to attend The Wire’s event, “Journalism and Student Advocacy.”

5:09- Did you know we have an Instagram? We do! Follow us for live images of production night. @whitmanwire


Look at the bag of bread! It’s real!

5:31- “What the hell, who just brought a thing of garlic bread? I’m excited but also perplexed,” Anthony Reale, humor editor, said between bites of pizza.

5:52- Claire’s dream wedding reception is in a barn. Anthony thinks it involves burlap. She wants to wear rain boots under her wedding dress. “It’s DIY but it goes off without a hitch,” said Anthony.

Marra’s dream wedding is in an aquarium. She hopes her future spouse reads this live blog.

Anthony wants to get married in the basement of TKE the day after Earth Party.


5:54- The bag of bread is from a woman at the church, according to Peggy.

Also, Anthony just put an orange down his shirt.

Anthony: “You look like a Disney Channel original villain in a high school, Claire. Like frenemies!”


6:32- A fight broke out about what to call the humor page this week. Tensions are high. Anthony called us “freaking elitists” and then left.


7:41- New Editor Chris Hankin wants to unionize the staff reporters to get higher pay.

7:54- EIC Mitchell Smith went over everyone’s heads to eat the last fruit snacks.

8:28- Mickey Shin (Managing Editor) drew a cartoon of Marra that left Marra in tears of joy. See below.