Damn WIRE! Back at it again with the publishing…

Mayra Castañeda, Managing Editor

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony is plopped down on the new fancy shmancy sofa. The smoky and ashy air outside has lungs burning and the Washington State Department of Ecology has deemed the air quality of outside world of the Walla Walla Valley as “Hazardous”. The school year is starting off great with people dying everywhere. Yay!

People are here. People are working. This is my first time ever blogging anything, so I apologize.

Martina just asked Anthony to spin her on her chair, he said no.

Andrew and Michelle are talking about clarinets. Nerds! (This is out of pure love, I promise. I don’t know them, or anyone (except Anthony) for that matter, all that well, but this is how I joke around! Trust, if anyone is a nerd, it is me.)

Chris just ate all (not really) of the hummus and used his finger to spread it on his shnacks. Anthony did not like this.

Kate just came in! It’s a partayyy!

Callie and Peggy’s snacks are a hit! They’re “good shit” according to Andrew!

Chris repeated “near totality” multiple times. I don’t know why.

Anthony keeps hitting Martina’s hip. Martina seems unfazed. She must be strong.

Tywen keeps pacing around the shnacks. It’s making me anxious.

Kerr is a very helpful human. Nevermind, he just asked me to help out with PA stuff while he’s gone. This cannot end well. But then again…he trusts me? I’m flattered?

Andrew really likes to shimmy but “fucking hates” coming up with headlines.

Martina and Tywen have made their first check offs!