Live Blog: Spring Issue 8

Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

We’re back from spring break!

Some highlights from the night:

  • Production Manager Kerr is thinking about summer internships.
  • We’re planning a party.
    • The current theme is “Kerr’s 5th Birthday Party!”
  • Editor-in-Chief Mitchell uses the word “confusement.”
  • Are iPhone photos okay to print? Editors debate this ‘press’ing issue.
  • Publisher Marra deliberates a potential job opportunity.
    • Wow! Exciting!
  • We miss Martina.
    • But she’s a Slytherin.
  • Chief Copy Editor Callie’s second favorite item of clothing is her tan¬†jacket.
  • Editors are excited about Professor Frank Dunnivant’s new book,¬†Environmental Success Stories: Solving Major Ecological Problems and Confronting Climate Change.
  • Our couch claims yet another pair of pants.

See you next week,