Live Blog: Fall Issue 6

Mayra Castañeda, Managing Editor

Yoooooo. It’s been a minute since this was last updated. My apologize. I take full responsibility.

It’s a pretty quiet Production Night in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

The PA squad is here so let’s not shed a tear because without them we wouldn’t be able to thankfully cheer! #iamarapstar  *insert thumbs up emoji here*

Tywen is being a good publisher and checking out the PA work.

Anthony, Callie, and Martina have gone downstairs to pick up some scrumptious dinner, and will soon be back.

Editors are slowly but surely filing in.

Andrew and Chris just got here.

Andrew just shared that he received some mean emails regarding his most recent Union Bulletin article on drag queens. (Andrew don’t listen to them, hateahs gon hate.)

The three amigos just came back with their delicious smelling food. ‘

Peggy’s here!

I gotta go to class, soooooooooooo bye.