Live Blog: Fall Issue 7

Mayra Castañeda, Managing Editor

Today is Day 1 of one-on-ones!

Martina and Tywen have already fired Anthony and Natalie…It’s a great gloomy Wednesday!

Andrew has brought some very nutritious and delicious snacks, including Hot Cheetos, Halloween Oreos, and cheese queso dip. Yum.

Tywen is being fancy and eating his Graze sandwich in front of everyone.

Chris has challenged Peggy to make him mad about something.

Ella and PA team are doing an amazing job, as always! 🙂

Chris has asked for a raise going into his one-on-one. Martina has denied him.

Peggy is nervous about her upcoming Philosophy talk tonight, but she gon do great (Goooooo Peggy!)!

Anthony misread my beautiful email about funtivities and got mad about something.

Kerr is peeved at Anthony for asking him questions about PA stuff.

Lovely Callie has reminded me of the homework that we have due tomorrow for our English class. Crap.

Chris has been in his one-on-one for the past century. Oh wait he just came out with a grim face. JK.

PSA! Tywen is turning 21 at midnight. #turnup

Martina just noticed I was here! Haha! XD #storyofmylife