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Hello Walla Walla freedom Warriors!
Today we bring you even more picks of the week, we have so much new music today the station is about to implode from critical mass! Keep spinnin’ the new tracks and keep making the world a safer place for free-form radio listeners everywhere! Click on the linksssssssss


Calvin: Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy

Folks, this album has everything. It’s got a one minute song, it’s got a sixteen minute song. It’s got drums that sound like they’re from the 60s, it’s got drums that belong on an LCD Soundsystem album. It’s even got a bunch of weird little spoken word bits. anyways this album came out in 2011 as a one man recorded in a bedroom kind of thing, but it’s been remade this year as a polished full band kind of thing now that Car Seat Headrest is more popular, and the difference shows right away. Tracks like “Beach Life-In-Death” and “Bodys” have been transformed into huge indie-rock anthems that take full advantage of the improved production, and new additions to the songs keep this version of the album fresh for fans of the old one. Will Toledo’s lyrics are witty, introspective, and often quotable, with a loose story pulling the whole album together. My only complaint is that some of the quieter songs worked a little better as vulnerable, lo-fi ballads than they do on this cleaner recording, but otherwise the new production only adds more depth to the music. 
Hayden: Ought – Room Inside the World
This Canadian post-punk band oozes a trance-inducing album that’s got a gentle little spook to it. Unlike some trances that invite you into comfort and harmony, Ought creates a world with a bit of grit as it dives into itself calmly saying “wash away my body I don’t need it” and that you can order your liberation online. The album confused the hell out of my mind as it seamlessly mends indie bedroom pop and scratchy reverb. Very impressive and every listen adds value to the unique sounds, this definitely appreciates in value and I sure as hell appreciated its value. Great review! Here’s “Disgraced in America” iz a good one folks

TESS: Ezra Furman: Transangelic Exodus

This album is awesome. It loosely tells the story of a queer duo’s road trip as they fight the system and flee across the country. Furman has a crazy knack for storytelling within an album. With gravel-like vocals, mesmerizing drum lines, occasional horn solos, and a lead singer claiming to be “babbling on in exile,” this album is a shameless, defiant escape from heteronormative expectation. And I love it! It’s kind of like Springsteen’s Born To Run if Springsteen were queer and not America’s one and only patriarch. Also, this album has some Wolf Parade vibes which makes me love it all the more. I especially recommend tracks 1 & 7 & 9 (“Love You So Bad”). Thanks Tess! One of the best albums of the year if i do say so myself


Gardner: Robert Earl Thomas – Another Age

Robert Earl Thomas is known as the guitarist for indie rock group Widowspeak, and is a pro at hazy, lilting guitar melodies that aren’t too fast or too slow, but somewhere in the middle that feels just right. He brings his talents as a songwriter and a performer to his first solo release. This album is relaxed, reflective, and pleasantly jangly, a spacey foot tapper. Thomas’s voice is a bit airey, not so much detached as tired ala The Smiths. Additionally, there’s a skillfully evocative, ambient aspect to this album that reminds me of the slower War on Drugs songs. Versatile and tasteful while sufficiently different from his work with Widowspeak, you won’t regret listening to the title track and highlights “What Am I Gonna Do” and “I Remember”. A truly soothing soft indie rock release for your week.
Gabe: Shannon & the Clams – Onion
Shannon and the Clams’, in my opinion, best release thus far has the expertly produced sound of a remastered album from the 1950s. Thanks to Dan Auerbach, who took them under his wing for dis, derr 5th studio album. The album starts off FUERTE with a toucher & feeler of a song: “The Boy”. “if you ever change your mind//touch me and then teach me how to cry” — they sing, with a dingly little strummage on the guitar, harking back to the same epoch of guitar strummage as the Growlers do. Shannon shares vocal duties with high-profile clam Cody Blanchard, and their two sounds go together so well that sometimes you don’t notice the vocalist has changed. The songs on this album display the day-to-day struggles of A Dude striving for fredum,hapinis,luv,et cetera–positing wonderfully that normal folks have a lot of drama, emotion, love, bitterness, in their erry day lives. and it’s so real. and it is BeAuTiFuLL! If I were to complain (and i am not gonna complain but if i were gunna) I would say that these songs are 2 short, and they seem to come to an artificial close. they were 2 yung to die! let em roll, Dan… weak review for a FUERTE album
last and possibly least…..
Cory – A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk
One of the best songs this band has released, this new single comes from their upcoming album Eat the Elephant (the first in 14 years I might add). A successful bridge between the heavy moodiness of Mer de Noms and the softer moodiness of the Thirteenth Step; it’s really a great song but unfortunately I bet only the fans would understand. Watch out for bad words kids!
We will never forget the other cool picks from this week, from Dr. DogFlyte, and Million Miles also the MDs just really wanted a bunch of extra picks this week! IDK! LOL!