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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Letter from the Production Managers

Dear readers (whichever ones of you are committed enough to read this far or wild enough to read the last page first),

The Production process is no doubt a mystery to most of you. But, don’t fear! We are here to inform and educate. Each week we Production Managers, along with our devoted team of underlings/henchmen/vassals *ahem* Production Associates lay out your beloved campus paper. This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • making invisible boxes…and invisible lines…and invisible random shapes when text wrapping doesn’t do what you want (If anyone asks, we’re actually really good at using the Text Wrap tool).
  • Finding invisible boxes and invisible lines and invisible random shapes in a document (Coden, I blame you. Stop teaching the PAs your nefarious ways. (Coden says BOOO!)).
  • Masterfully hanging up old newspapers to block the light of the setting sun (Could someone please fix our blinds?).
  • Hoping that the tables don’t fall off the wall again (Why, you might ask, would tables be attached to the wall in the first place? We asked the same question).
  • Emailing out final PDFs (and definitely never emails without the PDFs attached).
  • Threatening to put everything in comic sans (Or, alternatively, papyrus).
  • Switching computers because the internet isn’t working or InDesign isn’t working or cause the computer has decided today isn’t its day (We have 8 computers, no, they never all work at the same time).
  • Using my.whitman to very scientifically identify people in photos.
  • Hoping we never forget to change the default pull-quote which identifies the speaker as the “LiTeRaL sPaWn Of SaTaN”

We hope this list clears up the role of the Production team and how exactly we do our jobs. None of this very serious and professional work would be possible without Kasey and Rachel. It’s been a fun year of “Creat[ing] and approv[ing] any major design changes to the overall paper… ensur[ing] the continuity of design elements across issues…” and nothing beyond the scope of our job descriptions.


Coden Stark ’24 and Lucia Hanscom ’27

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