Live Blog: Spring Issue 9

Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

Happy Bell Bottoms Day! (But nobody is wearing bell bottoms.)

Here’s what’s happening in the Newsroom:

  • Publisher Marra is having the time of her life in San Francisco, CA.
  • Editor-in-Chief Mitchell has been deemed a toddler.
  • Production Manager Kerr is really into Soylent.
    • Soy delicious!
  • News Editor Andrew literally just pulled a radio out of his backpack.
    • “It was like $7 on Amazon.”
  • Also, Andrew is wearing some cool clogs.
    • “They were my grandpa’s but then he died. So he gave them to me.”
  • Editors are entranced by Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” music video.
  • There is still a full box of expired Oreos in the Newsroom.

Until Issue 10,