Live Blog: Spring Issue 7


Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here are the highlights from this evening:

  • Editor-in-Chief Mitchell is telling us about his Mariners adventure.
    • Safeco Field seats 47,943 people
    • “Wow, that’s gotta be like…at least 12!”
  • “Tasty” cooking videos are a big hit with the editors
    • “Yesterday, I watched ‘Tasty’ videos for 45 minutes.” -Publisher Marra
  • Several editors are wearing red in honor of International Women’s Day.
  • 8-Ball is still a hot topic in the Newsroom.
  • Opinion and A&E Writer Zuhra asks Mickey, “Is your job just to play music during Production Nights?”
  • We have a hat design!

Until next time,