Quiz––What Coffee Shop Drink Are You?

Elena Aragon

1. What is your favorite summer article of clothing?

a. Jeans year-round, baby
b. Booty shorts
c. Bro tank
d. Flip flops

2. What activity would you most likely be engaging in if you were in a park?
a. Frisbee
b. Laying in the grass
c. Running around
d. Playing on the playground

3. Which Katy Perry song best represents YOLO?
a. I’m not really down with this silly acronym
b. “T.G.I.F,” I mean, duh
c.”Hot and Cold,” you only live once, so screw homeostasis
d. Eww Katy Perry

4. What landmark do you most enjoy on campus?
a. Styx
b. The birdbath
c. Ankeny––all of it
d. The lemon-fish statue

5. Which fruit do you prefer?
a. Strawberry
b. Peach
c. Pear
d. Starfruit

Mostly A’s:
Black coffee. You stick to the standard, tried and true ways. This is not to say that you are not bold. Courage and outspokenness are two of your greatest strengths. However, your attempt to not deviate from the norm when making decisions can lead to less than exciting outcomes.

Mostly B’s:
Italian soda. Light and bubbly, you are surprisingly decaffeinated. That’s right, sugar is your drug and keeps you moving all day long. Colorful and bright, you can also become easily down and are prone to crash at any moment. Your youthfulness, sometimes mistaken for immaturity, is instead pure and true spirit.

Mostly C’s:
Espresso. An intense personality, you can be a lot to handle. While some people think you get in their faces, in reality you are just very enthusiastic. Your high energy is pretty much constant, but peaks in the morning. You are usually awake before anyone else you know.

Mostly D’s:
Soy latte. You lead an alternative lifestyle, whether you are a vegan or merely a hipster. You are conscious of environmental problems, but at times can be a bit too nitpicky. At your best, you are a catalyst for social change; at your worst you are (dare I say it?) pretentious.