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Live Blog: Spring Issue 1

Live Blog: Spring Issue 1

Mickey Shin, Managing Editor January 25, 2017

First issue of 2017! Here's a small compilation of highlights: Opinion Editor Peggy is displaying signs of excessive aggression. "I am the Grinch." -Peggy Li 2017 We miss Martina. ...

Pio Radio Hour Ten

Natalie Berg April 5, 2015

Today on The Pio Radio Hour: stories of love and language. Listen here! - A conversation with Associate Professor of English Mary Raschko, Taylor Middleton and first-year Robin Rounthwaite about the...

What Type Of Green Fits Your Personality?

Elena Aragon April 1, 2014
Figure out what type of green YOU are.

Quiz: What Excessive Holiday Dish Are You?

Andy Monserud December 9, 2013

American tradition is loaded with food. All of our holidays, especially in the latter half of the year, mandate feasts heavy on meat, potatoes and sugars. Which narcolepsy-inducing family meal are you? When...

What Kind of First-Year Are You?

Evelyn Levine September 12, 2013
Your behavior the first week of school basically determines the identity you are saddled with the rest of your 4 years at Whitman. It's probably in your best interest to take this quiz and find out how everyone percieves you.

POP QUIZ: Whitman Edition

Molly Johanson August 29, 2013
Before we launch into a brand new semester of liberal arts learning, the administration thought it beneficial to start the year with a pop quiz on the most prominent and important Whitties: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. The next time someone says "oh I love his poems!" in response to learning the name of your school, you'll be prepared.
Illustration by Tyler Schuh

Which Campus Sculpture Are You?

Elena Aragon March 21, 2013
A quiz about what campus sculpture you are!
Spring 2013s Trends Personalized

Spring 2013’s Trends Personalized

Clara Bartlett February 7, 2013

A Style Guide: Spring 2013 Trends Personalized Let's get real: what's in rarely reflects what actually works fashion-wise. So follow this easy flowchart to personalize spring fashion trends so they...

Which Campus Building Are You?

Which Campus Building Are You?

Elena Aragon January 31, 2013
1. What type of outerwear do you wear most frequently in the winter? a. Patagonia soft fleece b. An olive peacoat c. A down jacket d. A Whitman hoodie e. Just a shirt

Quiz––What Coffee Shop Drink Are You?

Elena Aragon August 23, 2012

1. What is your favorite summer article of clothing? a. Jeans year-round, baby b. Booty shorts c. Bro tank d. Flip flops 2. What activity would you most likely be engaging in if you were in a...

What aspect of your personality do you want this quiz to confirm for you?

Dana Thompson May 9, 2012

1.     What is your favorite racially diverse food item? a.     Swedish fish b.     Belgian waffle c.      French toast d.     Danish 2.     If you could wear anything...

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