Live Blog: Spring Issue 1


Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

First issue of 2017! Here’s a small compilation of highlights:

  • Opinion Editor Peggy is displaying signs of excessive aggression.
    • “I am the Grinch.” -Peggy Li 2017
  • We miss Martina.
  • We’re trying to rename the Humor page. Some options:
    • “The Missionary”
    • “The Pioneer”
    • “Mitchell’s Dank Meme Stash”
  • News Editor Chris brought in some chocolate. It received mixed reviews.
  • When asked what he’s looking forward to this upcoming week, Production Manager Kerr said, “The Rapture.”
  • BREAKING NEWS: Internet emergency! Marra called security and now it’s okay. (We had to “harvest” the PDF files just in case.)

Also, here is Humor Editor Anthony and his custom caricature.

And lastly, a special treat: Which section of the Whitman Wire are you?

Until next week,