Which Campus Sculpture Are You?

Elena Aragon

Illustration by Tyler Schuh
Illustration by Tyler Schuh

1.Out of the following, which movie would you most prefer to watch?

a. “Ice Age”

b. “Seabiscuit”

c. “Frida”

d. “Saw III”

2. What ethnic cuisine most suits your fancy?

a. French

b. English

c. Brazilian

d. Italian

3. Where do you spend the most time during your daily life?

a. studying at the library, of course

b. playing Frisbee or soccer on Ankeny

c. walking to go visit your friends on the other side of campus

d. chillin’ at the dorm with all the homies

4. What is your favorite time of day?

a. morning

b. afternoon

c. evening

d. the dark of night


Mostly A’s: “Balancing Act”- yellow thing behind the libs. Filled with whimsy, you are a child at heart and tend to be more lighthearted than most of your companions. While some say you are precariously perched, you actually have remarkable balance between academic work and having fun.


Mostly B’s: “Styx”- the famous horse on Ankeny, duh. You are both the center of attention and the life of the party and you wouldn’t have it any other way. While you love to hang out with people often, you also devote time to being alone and standing regally.


Mostly C’s: “Carnival”- the multicolored reworking of Venus. You have a very unique blend of interests and activities. Sadly you are often stereotyped as exotic. However, to get over this labeling, you usually feel better after doing a zumba or salsa class.


Mostly D’s: “Students playing 4-D tic tac toe”- the statue of children on a bench on the Jewett terrace. You tend to creep up on people and are known for your hobby of looming in the shadows. However, you’re not fully socially awkward and often suggest to your friends that you guys ought to start a round of Monopoly.