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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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POP QUIZ: Whitman Edition

Before we launch into a brand new semester of liberal arts learning, the administration thought it beneficial to start the year with a pop quiz on the most prominent and important Whitties: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. The next time someone says “Oh, I love his poems!” in response to learning the name of your school, you’ll be prepared.

1)      Who was Marcus Whitman?

a)      A doctor

b)      A missionary

c)       A missionary doctor

d)      Dr. Mission: Impossible

2)      What is Waiilatpu?

a)      The name of the mission grounds where Marcus Whitman was killed

b)      An inquiry made once by Marcus

c)       Marcus’s scrapbook of wagon train memories made from printed out facebook photos

d)      A spectrum

3)      Thus spake Marcus Whitman (as commemorated on the statue on Main Street):

a)      “My plans require time and distance”

b)      “My plans require an all nighter because I’m maybe not that good at planning”

c)       “My plans are not to get massacred”

d)      “My plans are to party like the ceiling can’t hold us”

4)      What is Narcissa Whitman’s maiden name?

a)      Prentiss

b)      Penthouse

c)       Unpretentious

d)      Poppins

5)      What is Narcissa Whitman best known for?

a)      Her maiden name

b)      Her achievements in the sciences

c)       Looking at her fine self in the mirror too much

d)      Turning down the marriage proposal of Reverend Henry Spalding, who was later a fellow missionary with the Whitmans… Awk.



1: C, 2:A, 3: A, 4:A, 5: All of the above

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