Which Campus Building Are You?

Elena Aragon

1. What type of outerwear do you wear most frequently in the winter?

a. Patagonia soft fleece

b. An olive peacoat

c. A down jacket

d. A Whitman hoodie

e. Just a shirt


2. Which activity do your Sundays dominately consist of?

a. Birdwatching

b. Debate prep

c. Planning upcoming events

d. Watching football

e. Sleeping


3. Out of the following, which is your favorite comedy show?

a. “The Planet’s Funniest Animals”

b. Katt Williams

c. “Louie”

d. George Lopez

e. “Flight of the Concords”


4. Where can you be found on a typical Friday early evening?

a. Ultimate Frisbee

b. Sitting around chatting and analyzing movies

c. Attending a lecture from a visiting speaker

d. Watching basketball

e. Finishing up some Japanese homework



Mostly A’s: The Hall of Science

You have a passion for natural history. You don’t mind trekking through mud to discover anything from earthworms to pea plants. An adventurer at heart, you, like the North Face slogan, never stop exploring.


Mostly B’s: Hunter Conservatory

You are governed by your dominant artistic side and tend to enjoy the fine arts of poetry, film and public speaking.


Mostly C’s: Reid Campus Center

You live a somewhat mainstream lifestyle, but it is nevertheless fun and exciting. A social butterfly, you know people from every niche, at least until senior year.


Mostly D’s: Sherwood

You have a passion for sports that is unrivaled by 83% of the campus. If you aren’t out playing a game, you definitely are watching one, or playing video games such as NBA 2k11.


Mostly E’s: Olin Hall

You are surprisingly balanced, however the binary nature of your math and writing skills also makes your personality divided, and your indecisiveness in majors makes you the archetype of a liberal arts student.