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Festive Recipes Highlight Fall Ingredients

Festive Recipes Highlight Fall Ingredients

Karah Kemmerly

August 29, 2013

Fall has always been my favorite season. I feel like it has such a nice balance. The summer heat finally cools down, but the winter cold hasn't set in yet. You can look forward to a new school year and get excited about old holiday traditions. For me, fall is a combination of freshness and coziness, ...

Peace, Work, Gandhi Found in Organic Garden

August 29, 2013

This article was written by Genny Jones '14. Once you've pried open the finger-painted doors to the Whitman Organic Garden shed, looked past the pitchforks, hoes and rakes in a trash bin, past the mismatched gloves and purple "Garden Bible" binder, past the various vinegars and organic pest killers,...

Dealing in Absolutes: Lessons Learned with Anti-Ranching Activists

Alex Brott

August 23, 2012

I am a creature of compromise. It started as soon as I could understand my parents' dinner-table conversations. Both of them work in human resources, making them among the most politically correct human beings on the planet. In their line of work mediation, collaboration and compromise are the Holy ...

Guide to common campus nicknames and landmarks

Allison Work

August 23, 2012

You find yourself in an unknown place, overwhelmed by the action, dazed and confused. Maybe you know this feeling; maybe this, your arrival at Whitman, is your first experience with it. While Whitman is by no means a large campus, the local lingo and affectionate campus aficionados can be a lot to...

Eating Cheap in Walla Walla

Rachel Alexander

August 23, 2012

As a growing wine tourism destination, Walla Walla is known for its many fine restaurants. That's all well and good for when your parents are in town, but what about when you're broke and need to find something tasty? Don't worry––The Pioneer has you covered. Here are some tips for eating cheap in...

First-Year Advice from a Rising Sophomore

Molly Emmett

August 23, 2012

Class of 2016: Welcome to Whitman! There's no doubt that this is a very exciting time for you. It's a time for independence and a time for self-discovery, but sometimes, a little advice from someone who has been there before can help. After all, they say hindsight is 20/20. So think of these more as h...

Embracing the Laziness of a Summer at Home

Alex Hagen

August 23, 2012

Like many of my friends and classmates at Whitman, I was a bit reluctant to go home for the summer. After finals culminated in the cathartic joy of Holi and other celebrations, I realized that I had grown even more fond of this school and its wonderful community than I had anticipated. After an insanely...

Open Road Chaos

The author's father along the way. Contributed by Elizabeth Cole.

Elizabeth Cole

August 23, 2012

My mom is a talented woman. She is a well-practiced photographer and a gifted pianist, but her strongest talent is her ability to navigate us toward any traffic jam within a ten-mile radius without fail. No matter how hard she tries to avoid them, we inevitably end up crawling down the interstate at...

Quiz––What Coffee Shop Drink Are You?

Elena Aragon

August 23, 2012

1. What is your favorite summer article of clothing? a. Jeans year-round, baby b. Booty shorts c. Bro tank d. Flip flops 2. What activity would you most likely be engaging in if you were in a park? a. Frisbee b. Laying in the grass c. Running around d. Playing on the playground 3. Which...

Domestic violence affects privileged communities

August 23, 2012

This article was written by Lian Caspi '13. "Domestic violence in Jackson Hole? Is that even an issue?" This was the inevitable question I received while describing my summer work. At an internship working with abuse victims in the wealthiest county in the nation, I expected an abused populati...

Entire Summer Movie Season Recap

Nathan Fisher

August 23, 2012

MMMMOOOVIES were my great escape from working a zillion hours at two minimum-wage jobs lifeguarding and scooping balls at the golf-driving rang. Thankfully, this summer was filled with great flicks. Here's my arbitrary grouping of movies that I saw this summer. Enjoy! Risqué (Shakin' your junk!):...

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