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‘Seven Psychopaths,’ a Shih Tzu and slit throats

I love the glitzy and over-the-top world of Hollywood and totally get that the sole purpose of a movie trailer is to entice you to see that movie. The snippet from “Seven Psychopaths” seemed to be a comedy about a couple of buddies who run a dog kidnapping business and one day steal the wrong dog. Great actors, cute furry dog––sold. Marketing successful! Unfortunately, the advertising fails to mention how bloody and violent “Seven Psychopaths” is. Be warned; this movie is not for the faint of heart!

“Seven Psychopaths” is about Marty, a drunk Irish writer (Colin Farrell) who is struggling with writer’s block for his movie titled “Seven Psychopaths.” Trying to help Marty come up with ideas is his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell), who runs the dog kidnapping business with his nonviolent Polish “associate” Hans (Christopher Walken). One day Billy steals a dog who happens to be the prized love of a ruthless gangster, Charlie (Woody Harrelson). Charlie will do everything he can and kill anyone he has to in order to get his beloved Shih Tzu back.

Initially, the movie does not stray very far from the advertised version and is filled with witty dialogue and benign gunfire, but then turns down and dirty and becomes a movie about seven bloodthirsty, gun-bearing, knife-toting, extremely violent psychopaths. Each character, even those with cute little bunnies, is scarred with a violent history.

While the dialogue brings some laughs, some of the funniest parts of the bloody movie are when the psychotic group tries to brainstorm a shootout ending to Marty’s movie. The theorized ending leads to very funny fictional Quentin Tarantino-esque violence, which doesn’t have to take reality or laws of physics into account. Although “Seven Psychopaths” is still very funny, I couldn’t get over the obscene amount of blood shed in so many ways. Had I been prepared to be grossed out, I might have found people slitting their own throats pouring out blood or people’s heads getting blown up funny. Instead, I sat in the movie theater stunned and could not totally enjoy the twisted black humor that oozes in “Seven Psychopaths.”

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  • N

    NateOct 29, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    The film is by Martin McDonough, as a film reviewer shouldn’t you expect it to be super violent, blood filled, pitch black comedy? After all, isn’t that what McDonough’s plays and his previous film (In Bruges) are known for?