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April 1, 2016

THIS JUST IN: Parents just really think you should major in BBMB “Honey, your cousin Tim majored in Biology at the U, and he’s in med school now! And remember, there’ll always be sick people in the world to care for, but how long do you think there’ll be people willing to read your critical r...

Whitman Welcomes the Awesomely Cool Class of 2020!

Austin Biehl, staff writer

April 1, 2016

In the class of 2020, Whitman has once again attracted a homogenous group of down-to-earth, unpretentious, fun-loving, granola-chewing, Birkenstock-wearing, apathetic, White kids. Throughout high school, the overwhelming majority was not that involved, but DID know how to transform their mediocre lives int...

Off Campus Studies Office Announces Mandatory Study Abroad

Olivia Gilbert

April 1, 2016

In an effort to create leaders capable of operating in our increasingly interconnected world, the Off-Campus Studies Department announced this past Friday in a formal email a new graduation requirement. All Whitman students must, effective immediately, take part in a study abroad program at some point...

KWCW Show of the Week: Dance with the Devil

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer

April 1, 2016

He may delight in suffering and despair, but even Satan, Lord of Darkness, can sometimes feel weighed down by the pressure of his job. When that happens, the Father of Lies says there is no better relaxation than grooving to his favorite dance beats on the radio. "There just aren't that many great...

Club Disbands After Members Exhaust Dating Options

Martina Pansze

April 1, 2016

Following a press release on Tuesday, the Whitman Alpine Luge Team (WALT) will be disbanding indefinitely.

Horoscope Time!

Clara Wheeler, staff writer

April 1, 2016

Aries           March 21-April 19 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So eat an apple. Keep eating apples. The doctors are coming for you.  Fruit is your only defense. Taurus         April 20-May 20 Though you may be feeling cheery and fun-loving today, don’t act on it. Stay surly and the wo...

ASWC to pass resolution protesting imprisonment

Andy Monserud

April 2, 2015

Nearly a week after being deposed by the forces of Divestment in a bloodless coup, ASWC Senate will vote tonight on a resolution condemning the student government-in-exile's imprisonment in Memorial Hall. ASWC has been locked in their Senate meeting room on the second floor of Memorial Hall since...

Jack Issue Letter from the Editors

Aleida Fernandez

April 2, 2015

Dear Student Body: We give up. After nine months of listening to protests, staying up way too late on Production Night, responding to angry emails from frat presidents, falling asleep at ASWC senates and solely subsisting on Oreos, chips and baby carrots, we have decided to dissolve the Whitman College...

Board Announces Real World Application Classes

Martina Pansze

April 2, 2015

The Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees announced Thursday that their largest priority for the Fall 2015 semester is to incorporate more courses that are relevant and applicable to college students and provide "Real-World" skills. Available to all grades, but perhaps most applicable...

Sweets Facing Unique Allegations

Cole Anderson

April 2, 2015

In a recent report from the Ultiworld online website (for those who don't know, which is presumably a lot, this is the college Ultimate Frisbee website), the Whitman Ultimate Frisbee teams have received some ruff news. They both have been tentatively disqualified from nationals contention. This news...

Ponts joins mascot debate

Lachlan Johnson

April 2, 2015

President Jorge Ponts has shocked the Whitman community last week by coming out in favor of discarding the college's traditional mascot, the Pioneers" in favor of the Komodo Dragons. Ponts' decision was largely influenced by his perception of the current mascot as an inadequate representation of...

A Conversation with the EIC and Publisher

Natalie Berg

April 2, 2015

A member of the Missionary staff interviewed Editor-in-Chief Emma Johnson-Lee and Publisher Elena Hernandez about their time at Whitman College and working for the Missionary. Missionary: What's your favorite part of working for the paper? Emma Johnson-Lee: The fact that the students give us ...

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