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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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A Conversation with the EIC and Publisher

A member of the Missionary staff interviewed Editor-in-Chief Emma Johnson-Lee and Publisher Elena Hernandez about their time at Whitman College and working for the Missionary.

Missionary: What’s your favorite part of working for the paper?

Emma Johnson-Lee: The fact that the students give us so many things to write about. Rarely does an issue go to press without some mention of students holding a protest or appealing to the trustees. And you’ll always find s0me impassioned activists in our Opinion section.

Elena Hernandez: In some ways it’s like a continuation of the RA position. Reminding people to clean up, encouraging people to use open and active communication skills, wiping away their tears…

M: What will you miss most about The Missionary?

EJL: All the fun times we’ve had together when our editors have been required to bond with us.

EH: Yeah. Mandatory bonding was great. We should mandate some more bonding. Also, Production Night snacks. I love Oreos and salsa. Especially Oreos dipped in salsa. Just trust me on this one.

EJL: I know I’ll miss our WordPress server. It loads really quickly and never crashes.

M: I’ve noticed. Your website is always running smoothly. It’s never down.

EH: Nope. It never is. It’s really fast, too.

M: Do you plan to pursue a career in journalism?

EJL: No, I don’t think a job at a different paper could ever measure up to my experiences at The Missionary.

EH: Nope. I’d be concerned that wherever I worked would remind me too much of my experiences at The Missionary.

M: Any parting words you’d like to add for all your loyal readers out there? There are so many of them.

EJL: Just keep fighting the good fight. Keep on raging against the machine and protesting every single microaggression you witness.

EH: Missionaries, Missionaries. We’re on top.

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