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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Jack Issue Letter from the Editors

Dear Student Body:

We give up. After nine months of listening to protests, staying up way too late on Production Night, responding to angry emails from frat presidents, falling asleep at ASWC senates and solely subsisting on Oreos, chips and baby carrots, we have decided to dissolve the Whitman College Pioneer effective immediately.

This isn’t to say that we haven’t had a good run. We have! We have fond memories of publishing our first Circuit, investigating real issues on campus, defending our credibility to the entire campus, seeing the student body –– including ourselves –– use our paper as wrapping paper or kindling. Those times bring tears to our eyes, and not for the reasons you may think. But if we’ve learned anything from our Whitman education, it’s to quit while we’re ahead. Just think of this as our final gift to the college.

It’s been real, Whitman; it’s been fun. Let’s be honest though, it hasn’t been real fun for either of us for a long time. But look on the bright side: We take up nine percent of the ASWC budget. That’s nine percent that can go to other clubs now! If your club wants to become the next student organization everyone complains about their student fees funding, now’s your chance (looking at you, blue moon).

So when you’re feeling blue because you no longer have something to recycle, just remember it was us, not you. But really it was just you.

See you never,

Aleida Fernandez


Emily Lin-Jones

Eternally Bitter Editor-in-Chief

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