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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Gus Colwell

Tips for navigating Thanksgiving dinner

Grace Canny, cranberry jelly lover November 16, 2023

The week we get off at the end of November always comes at the right time: when you are literally falling apart. So why would anyone want to spend one of those precious days traversing the harrowing...

Poster contributed by Harper Joy Theatre

Students Give Thanks for The Thanksgiving Play

Holly VanVoorhis, Campus Life Reporter October 26, 2023

“That is our play,” declares Paige Yanny. Dressed as a high school drama teacher, Yanny turns to Jack Moffett, Sophia Mathieu-Bravo and Benny Vasconcelos. Students performed "The Thanksgiving Play"...

Break reminder: high school wasn’t about the friends you made along the way

Carmel Stephan, I had friends in high school I promise December 8, 2022

If you went home over Thanksgiving break to visit your family, you probably ended up helping in the kitchen, and you may have needed something from the store. In the small, local store, you may have spotted...

No-fail fun and funky fall crafts

Conor Bartol, Running with scissors (in defiance of the laws of God and man) November 17, 2022

Are you plagued by inadequacy in the kitchen? Do you wield a turkey baster with the same finesse as a garden hose? Are you unable to contribute to a Thanksgiving feast with culinary skill? Fret not!...

Illustration by Anika Vučićević

Nutrition: A balancing act for student-athletes

Charlotte Elliott, Sports Reporter December 5, 2019

High schools and colleges across the country are known for having athletics at the very core of school spirit. The students comprising these teams work hard daily to be at the level of athleticism required...

Illustration by Megan Waldau

Local turkey busy prepping for death

AE, Vegetarian November 21, 2019

After meeting with his lawyers this week to finalize his will, local turkey Albert Gobbleneck met me at a local diner to discuss pre-Thanksgiving stressors. “Ugh, this semester is killing me,” he said,...

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash

Whitman Parents Marvel at Matured Offspring

Clara Wheeler, Humor Writer December 1, 2016

Recently, Whitman College won itself a ringing endorsement from parents of students who have come back home for Thanksgiving break as scholars and adults. One parent in particular, Vanessa Wallers, reported...

Thanksgiving Football last Stronghold of Tradition

Dylan Snyder December 4, 2014

Every Thanksgiving is marked around America by food, family and football. Every year the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys host an affair, and a rotating third game was added a few years ago. This year...

Traditional Holiday Movies

Nathan Fisher December 4, 2014

With Thanksgiving Break officially over, I can finally get into the holiday spirit by listening to Christmas music like the Drifters "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" or Bing Crosby crooning "I'll Be...



Nathan Fisher November 13, 2014
I am a huge fan of movies that explore the final frontier: space. My voyages to unknown worlds in “Star Trek” and going to infinity and beyond in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (or maybe that was “Toy Story") left me chomping at the bit for Christopher Nolan’s newest film, “Interstellar.”"
Tis the Season: Whitties Share Unique Holiday Traditions

‘Tis the Season: Whitties Share Unique Holiday Traditions

Isabel Mills December 9, 2013
Read more about some of the unique ways that Whitties celebrate winter holidays.

Quiz: What Excessive Holiday Dish Are You?

Andy Monserud December 9, 2013

American tradition is loaded with food. All of our holidays, especially in the latter half of the year, mandate feasts heavy on meat, potatoes and sugars. Which narcolepsy-inducing family meal are you? When...

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