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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Uma Bratt

What Whitman REALLY plans on doing with North

Will Lanstra, Duli Junn’s Promoter February 8, 2024

What does Whitman plan on doing with North? With the dorm FINALLY shutting down as housing for students, there are many questions as to what Whitman will do with it. Rumors have been told that it will...

Illustration by Helios Santoro

Whitman Haunt Society Inducts new member at Annual Meeting

Carmel Stephan, Sad clown October 5, 2023

The Whitman Haunt Society is inducting a new ghoulish member at their annual Fall Break convention in the basement of North Hall. This is one of the last meetings held in the basement of North, as...

North Hall still exists, apparently

Ian Lewis, resident resident November 10, 2022

To the shock of the entire Whitman community, The Wire can now confirm, after months of diligent research, that it appears that North Hall still exists. Despite Whitman sources being “pretty sure”...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

Kathy Murray destitute as Sarah Bolton moves in early

Grace Canny, North Hall Morgue Cadaver May 5, 2022

Well folks, it finally happened, Kathy’s reign has come to an end. Sarah Bolton blew into town with the fervor of a Walla Walla tumbleweed on a windy day and quickly instituted some regime changes....

North Hall finds new purpose

North Hall finds new purpose

Grace Jackson, News Reporter September 23, 2021

Since it was built in 1928, North Hall has gone from a hospital, to a dormitory, to a fire department training site, to a quarantine space, and finally back to a residence hall. North Hall was closed...

The Walla Walla Fire Department currently uses North Hall, formerly the Walla Walla Valley General Hospital, to run drills.

North Hall finds new purpose

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter October 9, 2019

North Hall continues to be a generous source of rumor-spreading and fascination for Whitman students. After the hospital-turned-residence-hall was closed two years ago, it has found a new purpose as a...

Photo by Caroline Ashford Arya

Last North Hall “Haunted Hospital” Goes Out With a Scream

Emma Chung, Staff Reporter October 29, 2017

On October 28, North Hall hosted the final annual “Haunted Hospital” to bring in the Halloween weekend. This year’s event was particularly bittersweet for students, staff and community members...

Photo by Natalie Mutter.

North Hall continues tradition of Halloween frights for charity

Emma Cooper November 5, 2015
"But that is where I discovered that there is a simple and very satisfying joy in scaring the pants off of your friends and neighbors."
Four Years of Residence

Four Years of Residence

Caitlin Bergman March 24, 2013

First-year rooms become a home away from home for most Whitman students––a chance to redecorate and create lifelong friendships. Though most Whitties only live in a particular room on campus for one...

North Hall

Molly Emmett October 13, 2011
Here's a trivia question fit for Whitties: What used to be an old hospital, has its own volleyball court and is sometimes believed to be located past the wheat fields? If you answered North Residence Hall, you are correct!
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