North Hall

Molly Emmett

Here’s a trivia question fit for Whitties: What used to be an old hospital, has its own volleyball court and is sometimes believed to be located past the wheat fields?

If you answered, North Residence Hall, you are correct!

These are some commonly cited (and partially false) attributes of North, but the dorm’s reputation should really be examined through the eyes of the diverse students who have experienced it firsthand: the residents.

Current first-year Richard Gagliardi made the choice to preference North because he liked the idea of having a single: which North offers: but now asserts that he is pleased with the atmosphere as well.

“All the dorms are great,” said Gagliardi, “but North is unique in that the sense of community is a bit stronger.”

Still, some residents of North are willing to distinguish it from the other dorms, but in a way that embraces its unconventional image.

“It takes a certain quirkiness to be willing to live here. I love it,” said sophomore Maggie Eismeier.