Backpage investigates apathy, discovers no one gives a sh—


This is the time of year when school gets a little a tougher, you feel  busy all the time and the end of the semester isn’t in sight. The  quiet room starts getting more people studying on Friday nights, and  the circles under students’ eyes darken. School, sports, clubs,  community service, etc., take up so much of our time that we can’t even watch quality television programming such as “Glee.”

We at the Backpage interviewed a senior who has experienced this time  of year a lot. His philosophy on this time of year is “screw this, man”: no more, no less. “I  can either spend a week working on my English paper trying to get an A  or I can hang out with my friends, get drunk, write a mediocre  paper the night before it’s due and get a B. I typically choose the  latter.”

He continued, but I stopped listening. And caring.  Thanksgiving break is two weeks away, and professors don’t want to grade  papers, so why should we write them? Are students even reading this?  I’ll take a PBR. And maybe some karaoke at the Golden Horse or a vacation. I hear Belize  is nice this time of year.

Just anything but working.