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Vol. CLIV, Issue 4
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Illustration by Edyn Parsell

Valentines Missed Connections

Grace Canny, novice matchmaker February 15, 2024

Have you ever held prolonged charged eye contact while waiting at the Grill? Made charming and witty banter in the Post Office line? At a school this small, Missed Connections are somewhat superfluous...

Illustration by Edyn Parsell

Celebrating Valentine’s with Condom Bouquets

Meghan Kearney, Whitman’s Condom Dealer February 15, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, Whitman wasn’t just being safe in the bedroom, but out in the environment. Condom Bouquets, paper flowers, adorned with condoms and dental dams and crafted with meticulous care...

Illustration by Holly VanVoorhis.

Cupid strikes Whitman clubs on Valentine’s Day

Alexa Grechishkin, Campus Life Reporter February 16, 2023

As anticipation for Valentine’s Day grew, clubs across Whitman used the love in the air as an opportunity to enrich campus life. Although popular culture focuses on the romantic aspect of Valentine’s...

The greatest alternative to breaking up on Valentine’s Day

Carmel Stephan, Relationship Guru (saw the Before Trilogy) February 16, 2023

It’s that time of the semester when your four week relationship has now morphed into a wonderfully platonic friendship, or it has soured into a subdued toleration of one another that will eventually...

Walla Walla Valentine’s Day Restaurant Edition: What Your Choice Means for Your Budding Relationship

Ann Karneus, Best Baked Alaska Runner-Up 1923 February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: it’s time to forcibly define that blossoming relationship you’ve been tentatively cultivating. Two weeks in or four months in, the politics...


Peggy Li, Columnist February 18, 2016
Because if you’re single and feeling torn up inside because of an overwhelming loneliness, you should reflect on yourself.

69 activities for exuberant Valentines Day weekend

Callie Brown February 12, 2015
First, there’s the obvious: some afternoon delight. The sweet, sweet taste of... ice cream. Wait, that’s what you were thinking too, right? I personally think ice cream can fix just about anything (even on the rainiest of days). Some Rocky Road or Cherry Garcia can alleviate even the gloomiest of overcast days.
Students Celebrate Love on Valentines Day

Students Celebrate Love on Valentines Day

Annabelle Marcovici March 5, 2014
Photographer Annabelle Marcovici documents how Whitman students celebrated love on Valentines day this year. Among the students profiled, Marcovici profiles students from the Spring Break Community Service Trips who are selling Valentines Day cards to fundraise for their trips in March.
Its Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

It’s Complicated: couple not posting enough photos on facebook

Tara McCulloch February 13, 2014
If the internet doesn't know about your relationship, does it really exist?

Student Who Has Watched a Lot of Nelly’s Music Videos Has Skewed Idea of Valentine’s Day

Matt Raymond February 14, 2013
For the small, in-breeding population of Whitman students who are in happy relationships, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for partners to celebrate each other and acknowledge their inherent superiority over the rest of the student population. For most other Whitman students, though, Valentine’s Day is only a consumer-supported reminder of their loneliness and disappointment with the conventions of Whitman’s “dating scene.”

Cheesy love story brings chuckles in ‘The Vow’

Nathan Fisher February 16, 2012
My 16 year-old sister suckered me into seeing “The Vow" on Friday night by saying Channing Tatum was an 100 percent better actor than Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner. In honor of Valentine's Day, I forced myself to see this amnesic chick flick.

Valentine’s Week Pio Pick

The Editors February 9, 2012
Sexy Time at Das Haus: The German House presents a night of delicious baked treats and sexy phrases! Come decorate Valentine's Day cookies and learn how to seduce the likes of Til Schweiger and Heidi Klum with sweet nothings in German.
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