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Straight Cookin’ in the Back: A Peek into Bon Appétit Prep

Straight Cookin’ in the Back: A Peek into Bon Appétit Prep

Alissa Antilla, Staff Writer

September 9, 2017

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Salad, sandwiches and tlayuda for this Thursday lunch at the Prentiss dining hall. Students flurried across the dining hall floor during the high noon chaos, scattered about the various lines. “Hey!” said Josh Hulett, the Bon Appetit Assistant Manager who was working the salad line, flashing...

Employees Speak, but Nobody Listens

Nikolaus Kennelly, Columnist

May 4, 2017

Filed under OPINION

For some the phrase “labor rights” might call to mind that grainy photo from the Lawrence Strike, the one with a mob of flag bearing laborers facing down a row of well armed soldiers. For others it might evoke the bloodstained face from the famed “Odessa Steps” scene in Eisenstein’s “Battleshi...

Bon App Cultivates New Flavor Palate

Clara Wheeler, Cannonball

March 30, 2017

Filed under Humor

Opening early next week, Bon Appetít will start rolling out a new meat to tickle the taste buds and ensnare the senses–human flesh. They are excited to introduce Whitman College to this new culinary experience that has been sweeping the nation. Critics have hailed it as the new “in” food, having...

Following Food: The Story Behind Your Dining Hall Plate

Following Food: The Story Behind Your Dining Hall Plate

Claire Ommen, Features writer

October 22, 2015

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The food that many students gaze at through the windows of the dining hall three times a day is merely the tip of the vast iceberg that is Bon Appétit's food production outfit.

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Green Leaders investigate food waste

Green Leaders investigate food waste

Nolan Bishop

November 20, 2014

Filed under NEWS

Members of Whitman's Green Leaders program are currently investigating ways to increase environmentally conscious practices in cooperation with Bon Appétit in Whitman's dining halls and cafes. In recent weeks, Green Chief Officer Jacob Frei and other members of Whitman's Green Leaders met with Bon Appétit...

Dining Halls Divide Students

Ben Caldwell

May 8, 2014

Filed under FEATURE

The debate about which dining hall is best is always on, particularly among first-years on campus. It's not uncommon to hear arguments around campus about which dining halls have the best food, best seating, best atmosphere and best service––sometimes involving vehement attacks on one dining hall. Anyone...

Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism

Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism

Anna Zheng

April 1, 2014

Filed under Circuit, FEATURE, Feature Highlight, Front Page Slideshow

It's no question that many people at Whitman are environmentally conscious of their environment and how much waste they generate. However, the question is why? The Pioneer takes a moment to ask Whitman community members to reflect on how environmentalism touches their lives. Margo Heffron, first-year P...

Creativity in Dining Halls

Creativity in Dining Halls

Marra Clay

December 9, 2013

Filed under Circuit, MEDIA, Photo Essay, Photos

Although the food from Bon Appétit has a certain flair, some first-years are already searching for ways to put a twist on the goods in the dining halls. Using a variety of vegetables from the salad bar, cereals of every shape and color, and making Sundae Sunday every day of the week, Whitman students...

Bon Appetit Employees Face Minimal Health Coverage

Bon Appetit Employees Face Minimal Health Coverage

River Sterne

November 21, 2013

Filed under Community, Front Page Slideshow, NEWS

In the Whitman dining halls, Bon Appétit employees work long hours in difficult and fast-paced jobs. When injuries occur, they cannot use the Whitman Health Center, and their vacation days and break times are small in number. Though Bon Appétit employees on campus generally have good relationships with higher-up campus officials, nationally the catering com...

Senate Round Up Number 2

Abby Seethoff

October 29, 2013

Filed under ASWC Unpacked

At the second ASWC senate meeting, ASWC discussed how to improve senator outreach, ratified Whitman Action Games, amended a bylaw, and appointed Emily Jones and Dalton Cooper  to the Bon App Food Committee. ASWC ratified Whitman Action Games (WAG), this year's reconfiguration of the now-defunct Campus...

Campus Poetry Corner

Rosemary Hanson

October 23, 2013

Filed under Humor

In order to appear less frightening to students, the following campus agencies would like to make a few announcements in the form of limericks: From the Office of the Dean of Students About grief, we have tried to be nice But it seems that you need some advice: We'll put you on probation ...

Bon Appétit’s new policy presents dilemma

Bon Appétit’s new policy presents dilemma

Kyle Seasly

September 19, 2013

Filed under OPINION, Opinion Highlight

It's always tough when a situation presents itself as completely unfair. Sometimes one has no words to express the frustrations at a system that intentionally screws people over. That's how I felt when working at Jewett Dining Hall last Monday night when a co-worker informed me of a change in Bon Appétit  policy....

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