Ode to my Cleve cup

Carmel Stephan, Bargain Bin Bob Dylan

When all else fails

Illustration by Holly VanVoorhis. 

And it feels like I can no longer prevail

What is the one precious thing

To which I cling?

When all has been lost

What is free of cost

That lets me have my fill

And even forgives a little spill? 


O my dearest Cleve Cup

Bless the day you, in the land of Cleve 

Fell into my grasp with such ease 

I filled you to the brim with lemonade and Sprite 

And then again till I was hydrated just right

But at the moment of which we were to part 

I couldn’t abandon you after the care you’d given

So I kept you embraced and to the door with a start

I fled the land of Cleve in one split decision

With my hand on your waist and your perfect plastic in my heart

I have never once wanted to be forgiven

For our love is not crime 

No, it merely puts us in our primes


How you have gotten me through all my woes

And together mended our wounds

I would never betray our love, our wondrous rose

And will carry you with me, morning and afternoon

Me keeping you safe, you keeping me watered 

Our love, our life, our future shall never falter.