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Cleveland Commons only pretends to be diverse on their menu

Nana Kumagai, Columnist October 21, 2021

Thick, dense, salty soup with an awful amount of white mushrooms floating around—no, these are not the words used to describe a miso soup. But they do describe the “miso soup” I had in Cleveland...

Students share concepts for improving Cleveland Commons

Students share concepts for improving Cleveland Commons

Lee Thomas, Lee Thomas's clone October 7, 2021

Cleveland Commons is back in full swing, with reusable dishes, indoor seating and the beautiful salad bar all available again. And yet, one cannot go a day without hearing someone complain in some...

Illustration by Shasta Soles.

Newly reopened Cleveland Commons strives to increase sustainability

Ross Koller, Reporter September 30, 2021

Returning students and first-years alike may have noticed that the array of cutlery and plates at Cleveland Commons has been inconsistent this semester. At times students come in to find paper plates...

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