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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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One Team Gets More Sports Points Than Other Team

Sports Recap

It was another exciting night at the ballpark where the Whitman team took on the other team at the game.

The Missionaries did better than the other team, earning more sports points than their opponents, which means that they won.

The game started with the ball being put on the field, and then the players began to move. They moved along with the ball up and down the playing area, calling out to one another as if to say, “Hey! Move that sports ball my way! I believe I will have success with it in this area.”

When the sports teams would get near scoring a point, the fans would yell. Some would yell out of pure excitement, while others made witty comments. There were other fans who went so far as to yell at the players on the other team.

This, however, drew the ire of the older man in the middle of the sports game who seemed to be there to keep order on the sports court, sort of like a judge would keep order in a law court. This is an interesting parallel between sports and life.

The teams continued to go up and down until a break when both teams gathered at their respective rest areas and socialized. This break did not last very long in comparison to the length of the game.

When the players returned to the sports field, they seemed less fatigued. They moved the sports ball faster and maneuvered their bodies with greater agility.

The opposing team gained additional sports points so their point total drew nearer to Whitman’s point total. The teams began to get more emotional and intermittently took to shoving one another.

One Whitman player yelled at a player on the other team. It was difficult to make out what he said, but it was something like, “Hey, stop scoring sports points! My team would like to win, and it would be easier if you stopped scoring sports points.”

When the game began getting close to the end, everyone became more intense. This included the sports players, their coaches and the sports fans. It was beginning to get difficult for the sports judge to keep track of the sports points and keep the sports players in order.

Some players became fatigued, so they went to sit down and rest. Well-rested players entered the game in their stead. The game continued to be played, and the players looked very focused as they continued to force their bodies to move fast despite their fatigue.

Despite the efforts of the opposing team, the game ended with Whitman’s sports team having more sports points than the other sports team. The Whitman players smiled in relief and slapped their hands on the hands of other players.

The players on the other team shook their heads and walked around aimlessly as if they hoped that if they lingered long enough, the game would resume and they could earn more sports points.

The Whitman sports team played other sports games before this game and is likely to play more after.

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