Turkey Drop Update

Evelyn Levine

The “Turkey Drop” is a term referring to the ending, or “dropping,” of a relationship, specifically long-distance (often with a high school student and first-year in college) that is ended over Thanksgiving break when the college student returns home. The common reasoning is that the college student finds more opportunities for sexual encounters that comes with more “maturity” at school.

The method of dumping usually involves engaging sexually and emotionally with the partner and then breaking it off when it’s time to return to school. This method maximizes what is called “booty potential” while minimizing the stress of a public break-up in their hometowns.

Thanksgiving 2013 had more Turkey Drops than ever before in Whitman history. Some claim the increase in droppings is due to larger classes, yet the class of 2015, a larger class, did not in fact have as many as others. In an all first-year survey, more than 50 percent of students in couples ended their relationships over the break. The classes of ’14,’15 and ’16 respectively had only a 30 percent Turkey Drop rate at max.

A few select 2013 Turkey Drops
Sam & Alex (in-person break-up)
Dan & Marie (text message)
Alec & Jim (Facebook message)
Annabella & Juan (Facebook chat)
Jayce & Sarah (Twitter)
Delia & Robert (Snapchat)

Some claim the increased rate in Turkey Drops is due to a more attractive first-year class; others claim it is due to the increase of negative culture associated with traditional relationships. However, there is not enough data to support either of these hypotheses.