What Does Your Morning Beverage Choice Say About You?

Elena Aragon

Orange juice – Sometimes a bit too watered down, you feel shy at expressing your opinions in a group context. However, other people often benefit from the refreshing perspective you offer. A favorite of Wiz Khalifa, you get free tickets to all his shows.


Powerade – You love the feeling of being fully hydrated, whether or not you are still as athletic as you were in high school. You tend to take pretty good care of your body, although teeth whitener to prevent perma-blue teeth is your most frequent personal hygiene cost.


Mate – You are characteristically someone with constant energy. Sacrificing sleep for socializing, you are the life of the party and someone that never stops bustling around from activity to activity. Your biggest downfalls are your intensity and the fact that you taste like grass.


Black coffee – You are the type of person who likes to get things done. Though you don’t deviate from the norms much, your love of tradition also makes you dependable. Some might label you as boring, but your real flaw is being too widely common.


Coffee with cream and sugar – Despite being somewhat of a scaredy-cat, you are easygoing and a diverse number of people find you palatable to hang out with. You have a distinct charm and almost southern hospitality. A true sweetheart, you are a comforting presence but should stay away from lactose-intolerant people for their own sake.


Blooming tea – You love nature, spirituality and drinking out of mason jars. Though you reject the category “hippie,” you get it a lot. Not gonna lie, though, you have some pretty dope tapestries hanging in your room. Your inner harmony is top-notch.