Wholesome group activities that are totally awesomer than any initiation practices

Elena Aragon

Looking for some fresh and creative ways to initiate your group? Consider these exciting options that not only catalyze bonding but also test the strengths of the individuals joining, creating some solid solidarity all up in that.

1. Going to a petting zoo
Kickin’ it with all the llamas can sure facilitate some group bonding. Some may go so far as to take a goat home. Mmm . . . can you say “chevre?”

2. Going to the Sausagefest
The Sausagefest at De Sales emanates delicious smells, juicy tasty brats and meats of all varieties, and definitely is a feast fit for the Gods. The other kind of sausagefest would be totes unacceptable.

3. Putting together a 1000-piece puzzle
Aww yeah, working on a cognitive functioning, feel-good, self-esteem-increasing puzzle. Whattup, group dynamic!

4. Crocheting
Together, folks can collectively improve on their cross-stitch abilities while making fun, toasty and snuggly garments in preparation for winter. What could be better?

5. Playing shuffleboard
It’s always time to throw down for a showdown to see who can skill it up on the shuffleboard court. Tournament style, for the win.

6. Jump rope competition
Taking it back to the elementary school gym status, one’s true skills are revealed by the consistency and tricks that one can pull off with the  jump rope.  With the power of friendship, everyone can learn to Double-Dutch!

7. Painting ceramic pottery
Okay, we all know everyone secretly loves going to those D.I.Y. paint-then-bake places. Let the group members express themselves by choosing a standard mug, or perhaps a decorative little animal to get some soul connections.

8. Iron chef cook-off
Let things get intense as dudes and dudettes battle in an epic mealtime fashion. Spice it up by requiring the participants to use 13 kinds of spices in their dish, and only give them six minutes! Experiences will be shared as participants writhe on the floor in absolute abdominal pain.

9. Cement laying
This one is the test of strength and skill. See how many, if any, of your bonding team can resist making a footmark in the cement.  That would be rude and unproductive.

10. Rolling around in a grass field with cuddly puppies.
Does this one really need an explanation?