Production Night Live Blog for Nov. 13

Pamela London

What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 10 (taking place the evening of Nov. 13/early morning of Nov. 14.) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Managing Editor

4:18 p.m.: Shelly calls me the Queen of the Live Blog, which is a hint to get started! And we’re off.
4:29 p.m.: Sports PA Marianne asks Production Manager Sean what happened to the music. It’s not production night without music!
4:42 p.m.: Sean’s computer is playing a Britney Spears documentary. Why? “Because she’s funky and cool.”
5:02 p.m.: I hand Photo Editor Catie her phone because it was buzzing next to me. She takes it and says, “Whoa you’re here!” Yes, soccer is done and Pio has taken over life.
5:43 p.m.: Quoteables: “I know all the errbody.” -Illustration Editor Luke.
5:52 p.m.: InDesign is not being cooperative over on Sports, but Marianne can’t bring herself to be mean to it.
6:12 p.m.: Shelly thinks that we should hold a “Chopped: Production Associate” edition, where we give the PAs a mish-mash of photos and articles and tell them to make a page and then judge them. I like it.
6:57 p.m.: Luke realizes that he has an illustration for the first time, so he actually needs to upload his own signature for the illustration.
7:04 p.m.: Dylan says he wants Sean’s job. Everybody laughs.
7:44 p.m.: Backpage, Opinion, A&E, Feature, Sports – all done. Only News to go.
7:57 p.m.: Matthew fights InDesign on text replacing. I think InDesign is winning…
8:48 p.m.: Sean laments the fact that the text box in the bucket on InDesign has a sinful copy editing mistake: “affect” is used where “effect” should be. Copy editor Natalie and Chief Copy Editor Matthew chime in with their most hated copy editing mistakes.
9:27 p.m.: Matthew kills time by looking at pictures of delicious food online.
9:32 p.m.: Correction. Matthew is not killing time, he is preparing for his upcoming dinner party.
9:33 p.m.: Luke is back for the third time. Rejoice!
9:42 p.m.: Luke accuses me of not updating the Live Blog since 7:04. This is a lie.
11:24 p.m.: Nothing much is happening…hence the lack of updates…I guess that means we’re focused and working hard?
11:38 p.m.: Fun fact of the night: Shelly bought gum on Amazon.
12:25 a.m.: PDFing happening, so barring any major catastrophes in the next ten minutes, good night!