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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Best of Whitman fashion

For our magazine issue, The Pioneer brought together some of our previous Style Spotlighters with some new faces. First-years Lauren Platman and Evelyn Levine, sophomore Andy Martin, junior Eli Smith and senior Nanyonjo Mukungu share style tips and fashion philosophy.

Credit: Cade Beck

Andy Martin:

“I am a big fan of the bow tie. It just kind of spawned this past summer. I was walking through: I can’t remember which department store it was: probably at Macy’s, which I’m sad to admit, but I was walking through and I saw a bow tie and I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to tie one of those yet.’ So I picked one up off the discount rack for like three bucks and learned how to tie it, and ever since I’ve been absolutely addicted to them, because it’s kind of a unique, fun thing to do.”

Might get you points with Bridges.

“It does.” [laughs] “He’s seen me before and been like . . .” [gives thumbs-up]

“I really love Converse. I’ve got more pairs than I care to admit. The big idea behind how I like to dress is a weird mix between like, very preppy, very kind of out-of-the-blue and mildly childish. Kind of darker colors with really bright accents.”

Lauren Platman:

“[My boots] are just from Forever 21. [My tights] are from Nordstrom, [my dress] is from that store Two Doors Down, on Colville Street. Cardigan’s from Urban Outfitters and then my belt is from Target. These [earrings] are just from Nordstrom as well. I’ve been wearing socks with boots and tights a lot to keep my feet warm, as Evelyn’s been doing too.”

Eli Smith:

“The jacket is green leather, not actual leather, but it came from a Goodwill in Eugene, Oregon. I saw it and it fit, and it’s hard to pass up green leather. The necklace is a pendant I got from my dad, it’s a Ganesh. It’s made of onyx. He’s the Hindu god of protection and travel. The hat is ’cause of the shaved head, because it’s so cold outside. I’d always wanted to shave it: it was nice and cathartic.”

“I got [my shoes] from my grandmother. I saw them while I was with her, and I professed my love. I’ve never seen a sperry boot before, and I was just enraptured. They used to have leather laces, but they’re really terrible. I had a hoodie with like, planets and stars all over it, and the drawstring had fallen out, so I just took the drawstring, cut it in half and made it into shoelaces.”

Nanyonjo Mukungu:

“I got [the shoes] from Forever 21 online, and [the jeans] from Urban [Outfitters] sales rack. My dad gave this [black cardigan] to me, it’s from Goodwill or something. I got this [green jacket] at a clothing swap and got this [black and gold T-shirt] at a free clothing swap exchange thing. This [earring] is my housemate’s. I got this [hat and scarf] from Goodwill; my mom gave [the bag] to me.”

Evelyn Levine:

“I got this coat with my mom and my grandma in Chicago. I ordered [the boots] online, and I’ve had them for about two years, so they’re really beat up: because I’ve worn them a lot, not because that’s how they came. [The necklace] is glass from the 1920s; my uncle gave it to me. This [ring] is from my grandma, and I bought this [second ring] at the World’s Fair, in Spain. [My dress] is from Forever 21.”

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