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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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The Circuit: A Pioneer Publication

The Circuit: A Pioneer Publication

Patricia Vanderbilt December 13, 2011
Welcome to the first issue of The Circuit. The Pioneer is a continuously evolving entity. Every issue is a product not only of the current staff, but of those who have come before and the contributions that they made to the paper's development.
Illustration: Julie Peterson

TV rundown: best and worst of fall season

Mallory Martin December 13, 2011
With rich sets, gorgeous costumes, endearing characters and an engaging storyline, "Once Upon a Time" was my surprise favorite this season.
Credit: Cade Beck

Best of Whitman fashion

cade beck December 13, 2011
For our magazine issue, The Pioneer brought together some of our previous Style Spotlighters with some new faces. First-years Lauren Platman and Evelyn Levine, sophomore Andy Martin, junior Eli Smith and senior Nanyonjo Mukungu share style tips and fashion philosophy.
The Pios guide to crafty, homemade holiday gifts

The Pio’s guide to crafty, homemade holiday gifts

Cara Lowry December 13, 2011

Cookie Jars Karah Kemmerly Growing up, my mother made a few of these every year to give out to the relatives. I'm including a cookie recipe, but you can make the jars with dry ingredients for other...

Illustration: MaryAnne Bowen

What “great sex” really means

December 13, 2011
When asked by a Whittie how college students could move from anonymous hook-ups (the Subpar) to something better, Daedone simply answered that hook-ups will start to feel so unsatisfactory that, eventually, we as students will search for better sex. It was unclear how exactly she expected us to find an opportunity to do this on a campus where most sexual encounters take place in certain houses on a certain street on certain days of the week.

Write On Me: A photo essay

Marie von Hafften December 13, 2011

The week before Thanksgiving Break I posted 13 photographs around campus with the prompt: "Respond to what you see! Write on me." Based on response levels, I eventually consolidated the photos into...

Contributed by: Kristin Vining

Profile: Kristin Vining, Whitman College music assistant

Alyssa Fairbanks December 13, 2011

On a rather gray day in November, The Pioneersat down to chat with Kristin Vining, music assistant here at Whitman College about teaching, composing, and musical inspiration. Upon approaching her...

Best of holiday shopping

caitlinhardee December 13, 2011
The holiday season is rolling around again, and we all know what that means: shopping madness. Before you buy your mom yet another gift certificate to Bath & Body Works, consider these fun and cheap holiday gift ideas.

Savory holiday treat: rosemary garlic spread with gorgonzola

Ellie Newell December 13, 2011
My family has a thing about garlic. I don't just mean that we use garlic often. I mean that, for my typical birthday dinner, we use about three heads of garlic for three people. A few years ago my family made one of our favorite dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. This dish involves consuming entire heads of garlic, baked in white wine and rosemary, topped with melting Gorgonzola, smeared on delicious ciabatta. Are you salivating yet?

Hot poop scoop: Inside the oldest indie record store in Washington state

Mallory Martin December 13, 2011
On first stepping inside Hot Poop, Washington's oldest independently owned record store, one is immediately overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff compacted into the small shop. Shelves upon shelves covered with semi-organized CDs and DVDs line the thin walkways. Band posters, banners and guitars of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs cram the walls. Elvis and Johnny Cash echo from the store's speakers, and old music videos from various bands play on an assortment of television sets scattered throughout the crammed space. A giant bowl of Doritos sits on the counter, and the entire store smells of incense.

Keeping warm in winter with tasty holiday drinks

Alyssa Fairbanks December 13, 2011
As chilly winter weather sets in, what could be more tempting than a warm holiday drink or something sparkling to welcome in the New Year? Here are a few recipes perfect for sipping on while studying by the fire in Reid or to impress friends at an upcoming party!
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