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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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The Circuit: A Pioneer Publication


Welcome to the first issue of The Circuit.

The Pioneer is a continuously evolving entity. Every issue is a product not only of the current staff, but of those who have come before and the contributions that they made to the paper’s development.

This magazine is a part of The Pioneer‘s legacy for the fall of 2011. It is a result of staff members’ willingness to believe in something as yet uncreated. There was no formula to follow. We were: even more so than usual: educating ourselves from one problem to the next. The magazine represents the best of what characterizes the students who work for The Pioneer: A combination of passionate idealism and gritty dedication.

I wanted the magazine to provide a space different from the regular newspaper. It is a chance to expand to a new means of conducting information: A new form of conduit; a circuit. But despite its newness, the magazine circles back to its roots in a long tradition of Pioneer spirit.

A special thanks is in order for my Production Manager Ted Hendershot and his team of Production Associates, without whom our magazine would exist only in dreams. Whitman alumnus Megan Salzman Medica ’81 and John Medica also need to be acknowledged for their 2008 donation to The Pioneer, which has enabled this project.

With pride, we present The Circuit.

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