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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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We Regret to Announce that We are Out of Jokes

Conor Bartol, this is not a joke February 22, 2024

Dear Readers, I regret to inform you all of a most terrible discovery. Due to a scheduling mix-up I was called in to write a humor article this week. No sweat, I thought, easy peasy. I’ll just go...

Letter from the Editor: Addressing discriminatory language in “Emerging Omicron variant poses new risks”

Allison Cohen, Editor-in-Chief December 17, 2021

The Omicron variant was first reported to the World Health Organization on Nov. 24, 2021 by South African scientists. The first known infection was from a specimen collected on Nov. 9, 2021. In response,...

Letter from the Editor: Open letter to ASWC

Allison Cohen, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2021

The Whitman Wire is critical to delivering campus news, employing over 50 student reporters, photographers, illustrators, production associates and editors. However, ASWC is currently planning on holding...

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: The Wire is moving forward

Alissa Antilla and Samarah Uribe April 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has scattered our student body across the country.  Campus is nearly empty. Those who have remained must stay in their own dorms or off-campus homes due to Gov. Inslee’s stay-at...

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Letter from the Editor: Circuit 10

Shelly Le April 1, 2014
Editor-in-Chief Shelly Le welcomes spring and the second half of the Whitman semester in her Circuit Letter from the Editor, commemorating the magazine's tenth issue.
Editor-in-Chief Rachel Alexander. Photo by Susie Krikava.

Circuit Letter from the Editor

Rachel Alexander May 13, 2013

I've sat down to write this letter half a dozen times, but it's always seemed like an impossible task. My predecessors, sitting where I am today, have reflected elegantly on their time at Whitman and...

Final Letter from the Editor

Rachel Alexander May 2, 2013

This issue of The Pioneer will be the 91st and final issue I've worked on during my time at Whitman. I've saved my personal reflections for our graduation magazine, issue 7 of The Circuit. For now, I want...

Letter from the Editor

Rachel Alexander September 6, 2012
The Pioneer has seen a lot of growth since I penned my first article, and this year I hope to continue this growth.

Goodbye letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Patricia Vanderbilt May 3, 2012
In her last issue of the Pioneer, Editor-in-Chief Patricia Vanderbilt recognizes those who have made this paper the best it has been in many years.
The Circuit, Issue 2

The Circuit, Issue 2

Patricia Vanderbilt March 13, 2012
Does anyone else get a serious case of the winter blahs every February? I spent a fair amount of time last month searching "beach vacation" on google and imagining I was somewhere with sand and sun—somewhere worry-free. But in the process of putting together Issue 2, I realized that I need to wake up and smell the paper mill.
The Circuit: A Pioneer Publication

The Circuit: A Pioneer Publication

Patricia Vanderbilt December 13, 2011
Welcome to the first issue of The Circuit. The Pioneer is a continuously evolving entity. Every issue is a product not only of the current staff, but of those who have come before and the contributions that they made to the paper's development.

Letter from the editor

Patricia Vanderbilt September 8, 2011
Greetings from the new Pioneer Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Vanderbilt.
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