Response to the COVID-19 pandemic: The Wire is moving forward

Alissa Antilla and Samarah Uribe

The COVID-19 pandemic has scattered our student body across the country. 

Campus is nearly empty. Those who have remained must stay in their own dorms or off-campus homes due to Gov. Inslee’s stay-at home order. 

Classes are all online. Students have become tiny boxes on a screen, attending class from miles away.   

Instead of coming together during this time of need, our tight-knit campus community has been instructed to stay apart – at least physically – indefinitely. 

That’s where The Wire comes in. 

To us, The Wire serves two functions: 1) To promote the truth and inform the student body, and 2) To bring the community together by using The Wire as a platform to share people’s experiences. 

It is more critical now than ever that we lean into these functions. 

The Wire will continue its coverage remotely. However, content will now be published online, on our website ( We will be publishing content daily. It’s important that we remain connected and informed even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here are some ways to get involved. 

  • Share your thoughts: Submit an op-ed or letter to the editor to [email protected]
  • Give us story ideas: Email us at [email protected] with any topics you think are important for us to cover. 
  • Stay connected: We want to serve as a platform for your stories to be heard. Email [email protected] with stories about your experience on-campus, off-campus and anywhere in between. 

While the current situation is devastating, we are hopeful that conditions will improve and we will be able to resume production normally in the fall. In the meantime, we hope that the community can find some solace in reading about each other in The Wire. 

We look forward to your engagement and participation.