Letter from the editor

Patricia Vanderbilt

Why do we read newspapers? I suspect that each of you will have a different answer to this question; I’ll give you mine. We read newspapers because we are conscious that something in this world apart from ourselves merits our attention: and in our desire to inform ourselves, we pick up a paper. In newspapers we look for entertainment, knowledge, a new perspective . . . and sometimes just a way to pass the time. These are the end goals of the work that The Pioneer‘s 70-plus staffers undertake each week. I hope that this, my first issue as Editor-in-Chief, will deliver.

I sometimes hear the words “newspapers” and “dying industry” together in the same sentence. I also hear “The Pio” and “no one reads.” But both statements are false. As journalism stumbles to adapt itself to a changing world, the value of free speech remains. Whether in a country undergoing a revolution or on a college campus, the reasons that people desire information remain.

At The Pioneer, we try each week to play our small part. And whatever it was that you sought when you opened up this page, I hope that you will find it: and more: inside.

All the best,

Patricia Vanderbilt