Final Letter from the Editor

Rachel Alexander

This issue of The Pioneer will be the 91st and final issue I’ve worked on during my time at Whitman. I’ve saved my personal reflections for our graduation magazine, issue 7 of The Circuit. For now, I want to acknowledge everyone who has helped make this year challenging, fun and full of high-quality journalism.

First, I have to thank production manager Sean McNulty, for his willingness to step into the hardest job on the paper last-minute and his dedication to improving the quality of design, issue after issue. His willingness to collaborate on last-minute infographics has made our front page truly standout. I also owe so much to fall managing editor Libby Arnosti, who kept work fun and editors engaged during stressful and at times exhausting nights of layout.

Each and every one of my section editors has helped the paper build on its success and innovate this year. I’m grateful to News Editor Emily Lin-Jones for her leadership in the newsroom and her inspiring reporting skills; Karah Kemmerly for her high standards; A&E Editor Aleida Fernandez for her creativity and vision; Sports Editor Tristan Gavin for his quality writing; Feature Editor Adam Brayton for his popcorn skills and levity; Opinion Editor Alex Brott for his attention to detail and Backpage Editor Kyle Seasly for keeping things light around the newsroom. Photo Editor Marie von Hafften has taken her staff to amazing levels and mentored an incredible group of talented artists, and Illustration Editor Julie Peterson has shown gusto and cheer in even the most last-minute of infographic brainstorming sessions.

I’m also deeply indebted to Chief Copy Editor Marisa Ikert for catching so many of our late-night mistakes before they went to print, Webmaster Ben Schaefer for his interest in helping the website and the paper grow, Web Editor Blair Hanley Frank for having my back on all occasions, Advertising Manager Hannah Bauer for bringing a refreshing dose of sass and Italian sodas to production night and Business Manager Vincent Peterson for making sure I never had to deal with the U.S. Postal Service.

Finally, I have to acknowledge Web Content Editor and next year’s Editor-in-Chief Shelly Le. Shelly, you’ve been such a reliable, helpful presence on the paper for all the years we’ve worked together, and your love of The┬áPio and care for its continued success is inspiring to watch. I can’t wait to see what you and everyone else do next year.

And to everyone else in the Whitman community: Thank you for allowing me to have the most rewarding, challenging and educational experience of my life in our newsroom.