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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Photo by Shintaro Kamura.

Walla Walla wineries combine wine and art

Nazaaha Penick, News Reporter February 16, 2023

Walla Walla has become a hub for wine and art lovers alike. With over 120 wineries and a thriving arts community, this small town is making an impact on the world of wine and culture. Many wineries...

Bon App sponsored wine tasting

Grace Canny, Master Sommelier, probably, it can’t be hard October 5, 2022

You’ve heard of Brew Night at Reid with party animal Juli Dunn. Certainly nothing can beat knocking back a couple of brewskis in Reid Ballroom at 5 p.m. on a Thursday. It might be all you’ve ever wanted:...

Geology Professor Kevin Pogue and Governor Jay Inslee discuss climate change in Walla Walla

Geology Professor Kevin Pogue and Governor Jay Inslee discuss climate change in Walla Walla

Anabelle Dillard, News Reporter November 4, 2021

This year’s academic theme is “Climate Reckonings, Climate Justice,” which aims to challenge the Whitman community to “respond meaningfully to this challenge at scales both small and large.”...

Athletes breaking COVID restrictions forced to work on Whitman Athletics Wine

Rachel Husband, Lower Back Issue February 15, 2021

In the recent Financial Sustainability Review (FSR), the Athletics Department recommended marketing a Whitman Athletics branded wine as a tool for generating revenue. Due to tomfoolery within the administration,...

WWCC Feels Double-Edged Sword of Expanding Wine Industry

WWCC Feels Double-Edged Sword of Expanding Wine Industry

Nick Maahs, News Reporter February 13, 2018

The Walla Walla County Planning Commission held a public hearing last Wednesday, Feb. 7 discussing, among other items, a proposal regarding a 27 acre plot of land adjacent to the Walla Walla Community...

Illustration by Claire Revere

America can’t handle its drinks

Rina Cakrani, Columnist October 12, 2016

One of the things that has surprised me the most about college life in the US is the way many college students don’t know how to deal with alcohol. There is this particular attitude towards alcohol...

DaMa Opens “Woman in Art”

Allison Hall, Staff Writer May 5, 2016
Juniors Lauren Benedict and Maia Watkins took part in an event to combat an all-too overlooked facet of feminism: the underrepresentation of women in the art world.

Finding the Best Syrah- Eli Robinson

May 18, 2015

This article was written by graduating senior Eli Robinson.  While other more diligent seniors have been stressing the details of cell physiology, I've been drinking. Searching for the alleged Walla...

What I Ate Abroad: Vienna

What I Ate Abroad: Vienna

Dylan Tull December 9, 2013
Read more about news editor Dylan Tull's experiences eating in Vienna.
LEcole wine tasting

Alumni, students run Walla Walla wineries

Hannah Bartman November 8, 2012
Working at and founding wineries can come to be an aspiration for Whitties enamored by Walla Walla's wine industry.
Photos by Catie Bergman.

Wine sparks academic pursuit

Adam Brayton November 8, 2012
Walla Walla's wine industry is certainly a nice addition to the town for parents and seniors, but its emergence and growth also hold academic promise.

Wine buzz sustains local economy

Molly Emmett April 12, 2012
For more than 100 years, wheat has been a staple crop in the Walla Walla Valley. Like wheat, onions have been a defining crop of Walla Walla for over 100 years since the first onion seeds were introduced to the area; however, the quality of onions in Walla Walla have come a long way and now make Walla Walla sweet onions truly a specialty item.
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